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Technicolor Experience Center launches with HP Mars Home Planet

By Dayna McCallum

Technicolor’s Tim Sarnoff and Marcie Jastrow oversaw the official opening of the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), with the help of HP’s Sean Young and Rick Champagne, on June 15. The kickoff event also featured the announcement that TEC is teaming up with HP to develop HP Mars Home Planet, an experimental VR experience to reinvent life on Mars for one million humans.

The purpose-built TEC space is located in Blackwelder creative park, a business district designed specifically for the needs of creative and media companies in Culver City. The center, dedicated to bringing artists and scientists together to explore immersive media, covers almost 27,000 square feet, with 3,000 square feet dedicated to motion capture. The TEC serves as a hub connecting Technicolor’s creative houses and research labs across the globe, including an R&D team from France that made an appearance during event via a remote demo, with technology partners, such as HP.

Sarnoff, Technicolor deputy CEO and president of production services, said, “The TEC is about realizing the aspirations of all the players who are part of the nascent immersive ecosystem we work in, from content creation, to content distribution and content consumption. Designing and delivering immersive experiences will require a massive convergence of artistic, technological and economic talent. They will have to come together productively. That is why the TEC has been formed. It is designed to be a practical place where we take theoretical constructs and move systematically to tactical implementation through a creative and dynamic process of experimentation.”

The HP Mars Home Planet project is a global, immersive media collaboration uniting engineers, architects, designers, artists and students to design an urban area on Mars in a VR environment. The project will be built on the terrain from Fusion’s “Mars 2030” game, which is based on research, images, and expertise based on NASA research. In addition to HP, Fusion and TEC, partners include Nvidia, Unreal Engine, Autodesk and HTCVive. Additional details will be released at Siggraph 2017.

Young, worldwide segment manager for product development and AEC for HP Inc., said of the Mars project, “To ensure fidelity and professional-grade quality and a fantastic end-user experience, the TEC is going to oversee the virtual reality development process of the work that is going to be done by collaborators from all over the world. It is an incredible opportunity for anybody from anywhere in the world that is interested in VR to work with Technicolor.”

Ntropic hosts VR Meetup at its New York studio

Ntropic New York recently hosted the High Line Virtual Reality (VR) Meetup for a night on Creating Immersive Virtual Reality Content and Scaling it to an Audience.

At the event, presented by Ntropic digital partners TACTIC and DODOcase, pioneer makers and distributors of VR content and hardware led a spirited conversation with agency executives and creatives on the state of the industry, their experiences in it and what VR production means for agencies and brands.

The first-in-a-series evening also gave attendees the opportunity to experience firsthand the scalable ways in which immersive content can reach a targeted audience.

“Ntropic has been working very closely with TACTIC in San Francisco for some time now and hosts events around technology there,” explains Tom Wright, managing director of Ntropic and co-founder, TACTIC. “New York is such a hotbed of content innovation it seemed like the right thing to do with that community. Between agencies, production companies, and people from worlds like real estate, technology, media and fashion it was a great turnout of like-minded creatives.”