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Day One at the IBC conference

By Simon Ray
Head of Operations and Engineering
Goldcrest London

We got to the show around 4pm.

Already managed to see about 4 stands in the 2 hours we were there.  At this rate we will have finished the whole show by sometime in December.

Had a great demo on Resolve, but Blackmagic don’t seem to be too interested in flogging it as a high-end colour corrector with a small area tucked away in the corner of their huge booth and no real way of organizing personal demos.

Quick look at the new Avid S6 console, looks shiny and we have a demo arranged for Sunday – I am hoping for a ‘paradigm shift’, or at least a whoop and a high-five.

Nice post 6pm beers on the Quantel stand.

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Why I am going to IBC 2013

By Simon Ray
Head of Operations & Engineering

Goldcrest Post Production On the train on the way to Amsterdam for IBC 2013.  What is the point of this visit? This seems to be an interesting time to look to be investing picture post.  File-based workflows are much more mature and there are lots of vendors competing for your business. Having the opportunity to visit them all within in few hours of each other is a great way to help you make informed decisions.  Also, it is fun to look at expensive shiny boxes with flashing knobs on. Continue reading