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NVidia Grid vGPU technology now available

Santa Clara — Businesses can now offer their designers and engineers — including those working remotely —cost-effective, secure, graphics-intensive apps using Nvidia Grid vGPU (virtual GPU) technology. It launches today with the general availability of Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 and Citrix XenServer 6.2.

Nvidia Grid vGPU technology (http://www.nvidia.com/object/virtual-gpus.html) lets pros use essentially any computing device, including their own notebooks and portable devices, to access all their office productivity and design applications virtually — just as they would at their desks — from anywhere at any time.

Prior to Grid vGPU on Citrix XenDesktop, customers could deploy Grid to virtualize GPU access to end users on a one-to-one basis. Now, they can quickly share access on one GPU to many end users, and easily reallocate access depending on changing project needs.

“Since the launch of our technology preview of XenDesktop and XenServer, we’ve demonstrated to customers worldwide that graphically demanding desktops and applications can be virtualized cost effectively and with high scalability using Nvidia Grid vGPU,” said Calvin Hsu, VP product marketing, Desktops and Apps at Citrix. “With the general availability of XenDesktop 7.1 and XenServer 6.2, businesses everywhere can download a 60-day trial and experience the performance advantages for themselves.”

Certified by leading ISVs, Nvidia Grid vGPU technology allows multiple virtual machines to share a GPU and run the full NVidia driver, which means 100 percent application compatibility.

“Designers, engineers and creative professionals are thought leaders who drive innovation in business, but historically they’ve been limited in where they can work due to the relatively large computers they needed to do their jobs,” said Jeff Brown , VP of the Professional Visualization and Design business at NVidia. “With Nvidia Grid vGPU, these innovators can now work wherever they find insight — onsite with clients, at home or around the office.”

What are companies serving M&E are saying?

“Adobe Creative Cloud delivers tools and services for creatives to explore new mediums and go wherever their ideas take them. With the Nvidia Grid line of products, creative imaging professionals now have even more ways to access ultra-efficient, high-performance versions of Photoshop,” said Pam Clark, director of product management, Photoshop, at Adobe.

“Autodesk is continuously working to provide customers with access to the tools they need, when and where they need them. Utilizing the Nvidia Grid vGPU is one more way we can provide access to our design applications anytime, anywhere and on any device, without compromise,” said Jay Tedeschi, senior industry technology evangelist at Autodesk.