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IBC: G-Tech adds four new products to Evolution Series

G-Technology has added four new products to its Evolution (ev) Series, an ecosystem of docking stations and interchangeable and expandable external hard drives and accessories. The new products include the G-Speed Studio XL with two ev Series bay adapters, the ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag edition, the G-Dock ev Solo and the ev Series FireWire adapter.


The G-Speed Studio XL (pictured right) with two ev Series bay adapters is an eight-bay Thunderbolt 2 storage solution that comes with six enterprise-class hard drives and two integrated ev Series bay adapters for greater capacity and performance. The integrated ev Series bay adapters accommodate all ev Series drive modules, enabling cross-functionality with other products in the Evolution Series. Configurable in RAID-0, -1, -5, -6 and -10, it supports multistream compressed 4K workflows with extremely large volumes of data at transfer rates of up to 1,200 MB/sec and the ability to daisy chain via dual Thunderbolt 2 ports.

Designed to optimize a Red camera workflow, the ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag edition uses high-performance connectivity for fast Red footage transfers and backup. Users can transfer content quickly from a Red Mini-Mag media card onto any G-dock ev docking station or G-Speed Studio XL with ev Series bay adapters. The ev Series all-terrain case, which is watertight, adds protection when shooting on the go.

For those who already have several G-Drive ev modules, the G-Dock ev Solo (pictured below) is a USB 3.0 docking solution for shared environments, including studios, labs and classrooms. Users can transfer, edit and back up an existing Evolution Series hard drive module by inserting it into the G-Dock ev Solo. When paired with the G-Drive ev, G-Drive ev Raw, G-Drive ev 220 or G-Drive ev SSD, the G-Dock ev Solo can store up to 2TB of data and transfer content at rates up to 400MB/sec.


Finally, the new ev Series FireWire adapter attaches to an ev Series drive, allowing connection to an existing FireWire 800 port. Users can connect a G-Drive ev Raw, G-Drive ev, G-Drive ev 220 or G-Drive ev SSD to a computer via one of two FireWire 800 ports or daisy chain them.

The G-Speed Studio XL with two ev Series bay adapters, the ev Series Reader Red Mini-Mag edition and the G-Dock ev Solo will be available in October. The ev Series FireWire adapter is available now.

CES: G-Tech targets remote productions with portable storage solutions

G-Technology is at CES this week, showing a line of rugged and portable storage drives designed to keep data safe from water and dust and are resistant to drops.

Compatible with the company’s Evolution Series of external hard drives, the line includes the new G-Drive ev ATC (All Terrain Case) with Thunderbolt, the G-Drive ev ATC with USB 3.0 and the G-Drive ev RaW. G-Tech also introduced Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 all-terrain cases that can be purchased separately to turn the original G-Drive ev, G-Drive ev RaW or G-Drive ev SSD into rugged storage solutions as well.

The new drives are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and even more serious conditions as well, with features like a watertight drive compartment, which floats when dropped in water, and drop-resistance. The new rugged storage solutions come with a three-year limited warranty.


G-Drive ev RaW with Rugged Bumper
The G-Drive ev RaW is a small and lightweight portable hard drive (think backpack, briefcase or purse) able to withstand a 1.5-meter drop, while protecting up to 1TB of data. This external hard drive — 35 percent lighter than the original G-Drive ev — is USB 3.0 bus-powered. The G-Drive ev RaW comes with a USB 3.0 cable and can be used as a standalone device or with the Evolutions Series’ G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt (or the new ev all-terrain case) for ultra-fast transfers and editing. While the drive is formatted for Mac it can easily be reformatted for Windows. The G-Drive ev RaW will be available this month. G-Tech’s suggested retail pricing is 1TB for $129.95 and 500GB for $99.95.

G-Drive ev ATC with Thunderbolt, G-Drive ev ATC with USB 3.0
These drives feature the all-terrain ATC case with a tethered Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 cable that protects a high-quality, lightweight removable G-Drive ev RaW USB hard drive. Featuring a watertight drive compartment, the drive can withstand a two-meter drop, so data is protected from pressure, shock, water and dust.

The removable case is compatible with the Evolution Series, so it fits the G-Drive ev or G-Drive ev SSD. G-Tech suggests this solution for in-the-field backup, edit, transfer and storage. The drive’s enclosure features a 7,200 RPM-based external hard drive to maximize transfer speed using Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. This drive can also be reformatted for Windows and will be available this month. Pricing is $229.95 for 1TB. The G-Drive ev ATC with USB 3.0 will be available in February for $179.95 for 1TB.


The ev All Terrain Case with Thunderbolt ($129.95) and the ev ATC with USB 3.0 ($79.95) will be available in February.

Thunderbolt 2 sightings at NAB 2014

By Tom Coughlin

Thunderbolt 2.0 has emerged not just as a direct connect interface with many products on display at the 2014 NAB show, but also as a possible networking technology.

Thunderbolt 2 raised the data rate of this active interconnect technology from 10Gbps to 20Gbps of raw data rate. Thunderbolt 2, developed by Intel, was introduced in September 2013. Earlier in this year there was talk of networking capability for Thunderbolt 2, but at the 2014 NAB show Intel clarified their intentions — Thunderbolt as a network architecture.

In addition to supporting 20Gbps connections for peripheral devices such as storage systems and displays, Thunderbolt 2 will support Ethernet traffic up to 10Gbps. This Ethernet functionality is achieved using an emulated environment that acts as a 10GbE port for data Continue reading