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ftrack 3.2 intros Nuke Studio integration, expands Actions framework

This summer, ftrack will release version 3.2 of its cloud-based project management platform for the creative, visual effects and animation industries.

ftrack 3.2 will include integration with Nuke Studio, a move that puts The Foundry’s entire file-based workflow into an asset-based workflow for ftrack users, thus eliminating the need to use the file system. Instead artists will get off-the-shelf access to creative project management.

Also, with the crew tab and chat feature, coordinators, producers and other users will be able to communicate with their fellow team members via text and video chat. The chat feature is intended to break down communication barriers and reduce bottlenecks so that information can go directly to relevant crew members.

In addition to the Nuke Studio integration, ftrack 3.2 will see upgrades to the platform’s Actions system, which allows users to integrate processes, automate repetitive tasks or create file system structures. Designed to increase efficiency, the improved Actions functionality will give developers the freedom to implement their own tools, customize parts of the UI and request additional information from the user before the Actions run (e.g., email addresses for report recipients).

BlackGinger creates CG cars to help tell history of Mazda

Cape Town, South Africa-based VFX, animation and post house BlackGinger recently completed work on a Mazda 3 commercial that takes an historical look into the car-maker’s evolution.

To help tell the story of Mazda through the years, BlackGinger added CG elements, including cars, to live-action footage. “Much research went into recreating every aspect of classic cars that are no longer available,” explains Darrin Hofmeyr, animation supervisor at BlackGinger, “namely the Le Mans winner and the three wheeled Mazdago. We took great care to match the CG cars to the originals.” Check out the spot here.

But it wasn’t just the cars that needed attention — the locations these vehicles were driving through needed to be as accurate as they could be in order to tell the story of Mazda. This Continue reading

ftrack updates management app to V3, lowers cost of entry

Version 3 of ftrack, a cloud-based project management solution for the creative, visual effects and animation industries, is available and offering workflow updates, a refreshed UI and improved tools for multi-location/remote team work.

ftrack V3 also features a more affordable pricing structure. A single Creatives license of ftrack is now $20 a month.

So what else is new for Version 3? Let’s dig in:

Client Review: Allowing clients access to an ongoing project has been made easier. Users send a secure URL to as many clients/collaborators as they need. They can then leave their comments and feedback on a project. Review sessions are only shared on your say-so, and are all fully editable.

Client Review with Comments


Events & Actions: If you need a way to enhance and customize ftrack for your workflow, events and actions allow your developers to make quick additions to utilities and functionality, all without taking people out of the UI.

ftrack Connect: By downloading Connect to your system and using its tools, you can enable all manner of additional integration via ftrack’s web interface. It’s an easy way to import files from apps like Premiere and Photoshop by draggin and dropping.

Groups & Teams: A straightforward, powerful and effective way to manage teams within ftrack. You can assign groups, teams and even individuals to specific shots or elements of a project, allowing direct communication.

Client Review setup

New API: Introducing the beta version of a a new an API designed to grow with you — the more you add to it and tweak it, the more you will be able to get out of it.

New time tracking tools: Start and stop timers give more accuracy, measuring time spent on tasks or in meetings at the click of a button.

Check back with postPerspective in a month or two for our review of ftrack Version 3.