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Eyeon at NAB with new Generation 4K

Toronto — Visual effects and post solutions developer Eyeon Software was at NAB with Generation 4K, its new playback and production solution for 4K HFR up to 120fps stereoscopic.

Incorporating full 7.1 HD audio as well as the ability to drive cinema projectors, such as the Christie Cinema and Mirage series, Generation 4K provides a path to an advanced HFR playback workflow.

Facilities such as Blur Studio, Legend3D, Muse VFX, and VFX director, Douglas Trumbull, have contributed a variety of production requirements to help define another user-driven offering in the escalated 4K workflow.

“I chose to work with Eyeon because they are the only outfit already prepared to go 3D 4K at 120fps,” says Douglas Trumbull. In fact, Eyeon Software and Trumbull Studios have announced the first public screenings of UFOTOG — a 10-minute technology demonstration of a 4K 3D movie at 120 frames per second. Directed Trumbull and produced at Trumbull Studios, this experimental sci-fi tale demonstrates Trumbull’s new process called MAGI; a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful sense of immersion and impact that is not possible using conventional 24FPS or 3D standards.

UFOTOG will premiere at Paul Allen’s iconic Seattle Cinerama Theater as the headlining event at the annual Science Fiction Film Festival Sunday May 11, 2014.

See the end of this piece for the UFOTOG trailer.

Here are some features:
• High Frame Rate playback
• Image format support for DPX, EXR, QuickTime, JPG, RED, Canon C500, and more
• CDL and LUT color support
• Per clip and overall color tuning
• Stereo adjustments via inter-ocular alignment and edge cropping
• Editing and trimming
• EDL import, linking directly to the production workflow

Working with Generation AM for the studio desktop workflow, the Generation 4K offers
• Version control and the ability to compare many different versions of shots
• Annotations and Notes for organization of production workload
• Logical effects stacks
• Event scripting to support other pipelines, such as Nuke, AE, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya
• Specific stereoscopic tools for both conversion and visual effects
• Advanced scripting environment of Python and Lua
• Ability to extend existing proprietary technologies

Eyeon Generation 4K retails at $9,995 for the software-only version. It’s $19,995 for a loaded system.