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Fairlight integrates Auro-3D into its 3DAW

Fairlight, makers of DAWs for audio post, will be integrating native Auro-3D mixing into its 3D Audio Workspace (3DAW), which adds immersive sound capability to the DAW, while remaining fully compatible with users’ established workflows.

According to Tino Fibaek, Fairlight’s CTO, “3DAW is one of the most innovative products we have launched in years and we are very excited about the integration of Auro-3D. We now support mixing, monitoring, authoring and reviewing of Auro-3D deliverables in both the Auro 11.1 and Auro 13.1 three-layered speaker layouts. We look forward to working with Auro Technologies in the future as they have a mature and established delivery format, and we have a matching 3D production platform.”

“As a long-time big fan of Fairlight products for music production and post production, I am very delighted to see the integration of our Auro-3D technology,” says Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies. “We at Auro Technologies are thrilled to be able to give the Fairlight users easy tools to add a completely new dimension in sound.”

Cool Tool: The AATranslator

We recently reached out to sound engineer/head of production Cory Choy, who helps run Silver Sound Studios (www.silversound.us) in NYC, and asked him about gear he uses as part of his day-to-day workflow. He was happy to share his experience with a lesser-known tool by an Australian-based company, called AATranslator.

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