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Origins: The Creative Storage Conference

By Tom Coughlin

I was recently asked how the Creative Storage Conference came to be. So here I am to give you some background.

In 2006, the Storage Visions Conference that my colleagues and I had been organizing just before the CES show in January was in its fifth year. I had been doing more work on digital storage for professional media and entertainment, including a report on this important topic. In order to increase my connections and interaction with both media and entertainment professionals, and the digital storage and service companies that support them, it seems that a conference focusing on digital storage for media and entertainment would be in order.

That same year, my partner Ron Dennison and I participated in the MediaTech Conference in the LA area, working with Bryan Eckus, the director of the group at the time. In 2007, we held the first Creative Storage Conference in conjunction with the MediaTech Conference in Long Beach, California. It featured a dynamite line-up of storage companies and end users.

The conference has grown in size over the years, and we have had a stream of great companies showing their stuff, media and entertainment professional attendees and speakers, informative sessions and insightful keynote talks on numerous topics related to M&E digital storage.

The 2017 Creative Storage Conference
This year, the Creative Storage Conference is taking place on May 24 in Culver City. Attendees can learn more about the use of Flash memory in M&E as well as the growth in VR content in professional video, and how this will drive new digital storage demand and technologies to support the high data rates needed for captured content and cloud-based VR services. This is the 11th year of the conference and we look forward to having you join us.

We are planning for six sessions and four keynotes during the day and a possible reception in the evening on May 24.

Here is a list of the planned sessions:
• Impact of 4K/HDR/VR on Storage Requirements From Capture to Studio
• Collaboration in the Clouds: Storing and Delivering Content Where it is Needed
• Content on the Move: Delivering Storage Content When and Where it is Needed
• Preserving Digital Content — the Challenges, Needs and Options
• Accelerating Workflows: Solid State Storage in Media and Entertainment
• Independent Panel — Protecting the Life of Content

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet giants in the field of VR content capture and post production and meet the storage and service companies to help you make sure your next professional projects are a big success.

• Hear how major media equipment suppliers and entertainment industry customers use digital storage technology in all aspects of content creation and distribution.
• Find out the role that digital storage plays in new content distribution and marketing opportunities for a rapidly evolving market.
• See presentations on digital storage in digital acquisition and capture, nonlinear editing and special effects.
• Find out how to convert and preserve content digitally and protect it in long-term dependable archives.
• Learn about new ways to create and use content metadata, making it easier to find and use.
• Discover how to combine and leverage hard disk drives, flash memory, magnetic tape and optical storage technology with new opportunities in the digital media market.
• Be at the juncture of digital storage and the next generation of storage for the professional media market.

Online registration is open until May 23, 2017. As a media and entertainment professional you can register now with a $100 discount using this link:

Thomas Coughlin, president of Coughlin Associates is a storage analyst and consultant with over 30 years in the data storage industry. He is active with SNIA, SMPTE, IEEE, and other professional organizations.

‘Creative Storage’ panel to address challenges, opportunities in post

The upcoming 2015 Creative Storage Conference will feature a session on digital storage in professional post production called “Putting it Together: Storage Challenges and Opportunities in Post Production.”

The session will examine the challenges facing post, such as the demand for networked and online storage and archiving working content, as well as semiconductor storage to speed performance. In addition, it will cover the fact that post production requires streaming video quality and latencies that are very different from traditional enterprise storage.

Larry Jordan (pictured) of Digital Production Buzz will moderate the session, which will include reports from end users and storage developers. The panel comprises Paul Speciale of Scality, Brian Campanotti of Oracle, Victor Pacheco of Promise Technology and Bernard Lamborelle of Tiger Technology.

The one-day Creative Storage Conference takes place Tuesday, June 30 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Culver City, California. The conference agenda and registration are available online at www.creativestorage.org. Registration closes June 26.

Quick Chat: Tom Coughlin from Creative Storage Conference

Storage. No one can deny just how important this technology is in the day-to-day lives of post production professionals, from the huge studios and facilities all the way down to the indie editor working with external drives.  And while storage tech might not be as “sexy” as the latest new camera or visual effects software, its importance is undeniable… especially in a world where 2K ,4K and now 6K (hello David Fincher) workflows are a reality.

So, if you want to talk storage and learn about trends and the latest product offerings, you might want to attend the 9th Annual Creative Storage Conference on June 30 in Culver City, California.

I’ve known data storage consultant Tom Coughlin for a few years now; he’s actually been a Continue reading

Creative storage — not just the 0s and 1s

By Marty Shindler

Rapid major technology and business changes are taking place in and around the entire entertainment industry. It is a time of upheaval and disruption impacting organizations of all sizes and in virtually every market segment, from previs to the many post production market segments and on to multiple distribution windows on myriad devices.

Anywhere, anytime on a device of one’s choosing is a great phrase, but it is dependent upon the effective implementation of cloud storage and content delivery systems. And it is not all about the technology, as effective and well-thought-out strategies and tactics are needed, as well as the right team to navigate the changes.

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Creative Storage Conference offers session on future of optical storage

The 2014 Creative Storage Conference (CS 2014) will feature a special session on optical storage developments that is targeted at archivists of rich media content. CS 2014 offers insights on a broad range of storage technologies used in professional media and entertainment applications.

The special session is called “New Visions: Future of Optical Storage,” and takes a look at the future role of optical storage in pro media content storage. A panel of optical storage experts — including Bill Cubellis of Sony, Hideharu Takeshima of Mitsubishi Kaguku Media and Ikuo Matsumoto from Fujiwara Rothchild — will discuss what technologies are available and how optical storage can enable new workflows and long-term archives.

The Eighth Annual Creative Storage Conference (CS 2014) will be held Tuesday June 24, 2014 at the DoubleTree Hotel West Los Angeles in Culver City, CA. This event brings together digital storage providers, equipment and software manufacturers and professional media and entertainment end users to explore the conference theme of “Collaborative Workflows and Storage Objects”.

The Creative Storage Conference is put on by the Entertainment Storage Alliance and Coughlin Associates.