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ProMax’s Platform server adds cross-platform After Effects rendering

Santa Ana, California — ProMax Systems, a manufacturer of shared storage servers and video editing workstations, has added another significant feature set to the Platform shared storage server line. This new functionality allows both Windows and Mac clients running Adobe After Effects to submit render jobs to the Platform.

This capability eliminates running time-consuming renders on workstations, freeing them to get back to creative tasks.  According to ProMax (www.promax.com), the Platform servers are currently the only shared storage systems on the market that offer this cross-platform, After Effects rendering functionality.

Platform’s universal After Effects rendering capabilities will resonate with post facilities and creative agencies of all sizes that use the strengths of both Windows and Mac systems. The Platform AE Render tool not only leverages Platform’s high-performance CPU advantages but it also enables offloading rendering tasks from individual workstations to the Platform server’s powerful GPUs (via Platform’s expandable capability to add GPU cards). The Platform AE Render features are available now, and are included as part of the latest Platform Series models without additional cost.

Using Platform’s own management software, system administrators designate a Platform Space as an Adobe After Effects render location. Mac or Windows users connected to the Platform, with access to that space, can submit their render jobs to that location.  The Platform system watches the designated Platform Space for render submissions and manages the remote submission through the Platform’s After Effects render node software.