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New cineSync offerings include iOS app, updated security features

Cospective has released the latest version of its remote review and approval solution — cineSync 4.0 introduces a new iOS app, an overhauled video playback system, deeper production tracking integrations with Shotgun and ftrack. Enhanced security features are being offered via its new cineSync Pro Studio product, including on-demand watermarking via a new integration with MediaSilo’s Safestream.

Shotgun viewer

cineSync 4.0 has been developed in conjunction with the security departments of several major studios. This has resulted in the creation of cineSync Pro Studio, in addition to cineSync and cineSync Pro. cineSync Pro Studio’s integration with MediaSilo’s SafeStream watermarking technology allows for automated, on-demand, individual watermarking of all review files. All guests in the review will receive customizable files watermarked with their name, cineSync session key, IP address and the review time/date. The process is fast and efficient, due to Safestream’s scalable architecture.

For additional review security, guests are authenticated in advance — only guests who have been approved will have review access. This allows maximum control over who has access to review material, while imposing as few technical hurdles as possible. All reviews are also tracked in the management portal, allowing admins to see when reviews occurred and who was involved.

“We worked closely with the world’s biggest production studios on cineSync Pro Studio. Security was a key concern,” explains Cospective CEO Rory McGregor. “In working in close collaboration with MediaSilo and their SafeStream technology, we’ve met these concerns and more, delivering a tool that’s not only better positioned to deliver efficient, streamlined reviews, but also to do so in with the highest possible level of security and in a completely dependable environment.”

iPhone playlist interface

Also new from Cospective is a cineSync app for iOS. It allows guests to join cineSync reviews from mobile devices. The app integrates seamlessly with Shotgun and ftrack, meaning review information and media can be pushed securely to mobile devices. Files are automatically deleted at the end of the review, but all drawings and saved frames can be saved back to Shotgun or ftrack by the session host.

Let’s dig into some cineSync 4.0, which is what the company is calling an overhaul of its video playback system. QuickTime has been retired and replaced by a new, adaptable video architecture. This means that cineSync 4.0 can support a wide array of video formats, resolutions, and frame-rates across all platforms.

cineSync 4.0 features a deeper integration with production tracking tools Shotgun, ftrack and NIM. Users can browse and load media playlists directly from these applications, and access seamless transfer and recording of review information, saved frames and other feedback. cineSync 4.0 is available now.

Cospective will continue to roll out new features for cineSync (which won an Oscar by the way), cineSync Pro and cineSync Pro Studio over the coming months. Users with a valid subscription to an existing cineSync package, will be eligible to upgrade to the latest version.

The price will increase depending on the amount of features that tool includes. All cineSync products have security measures, but Pro Studio is especially thorough as the only tool with watermarking and guest authentication.

Here are the baseline costs for each product: cineSync, 12 months for 10 users is $1,599; cineSync Pro, 12 months for 10 users is $4,999; and cineSync Pro Studio, 12 months for 10 users is $8,000

Reviews & Approvals: Cospective’s Rory McGregor talks cineSync, Frankie

By Randi Altman

Many of you are likely familiar with the remote review and approval tool cineSync from Australia-based software company Cospective. cineSync has been used on some big-name film and television projects (Christopher Nolan is one outspoken fan) since its introduction in 2005. Back then the company was called Rising Sun Research, which grew out of VFX studio Rising Sun Pictures. So, users solving a problem by developing their own solution.

Well the minds behind the Academy Award-winning cineSync technology have Continue reading

CineSync integrated into digital workflow management system Joust

Culver City —  Jenny Fulle, visual effects producer and founder of The Creative-Cartel, and Rory McGregor, CEO of Cospective, are now offering integration between Cospective’s cineSync review and approval technology and The Creative-Cartel’s Joust digital workflow management system.

This integration with cineSync will allow live, streaming, interactive reviews that can be carried out from within the Joust interface. With the addition of the cineSync technology, Joust Review (a component of the overall Joust system) will be an even more powerful tool for filmmakers, allowing them to easily collaborate on shot reviews.

Users will be able to comment on shots as soon as they become available and give precise, frame accurate feedback to a team of artists that may be spread across different facilities, cities, or even countries. As a Web-based tool, Joust Review does not require any software installation, or downloading of files.

For guests invited to review material, joining the review is a simple and intuitive process. All notes, annotations and thumbnails can be saved out for import into other production/VFX tools and will be stored within Joust for future reference and easy sharing among the team.

Joust will also be integrated with Cospective’s Academy-Award-winning cineSync Pro, Cospective’s (www.cospective.com) application-based review and approval system for high res and stereoscopic material. This will allow users to easily transfer media from Joust to cineSync Pro when they require the most robust review tools.

“This addition truly cements Joust as the all-in-one tool for managing and reviewing digital media,” says The Creative-Cartel’s (www.the-cartel.com) Jenny Fulle. “We are thrilled to be working with Cospective and are excited about the accessibility this integration will give our filmmakers.”

Joust (www.joustco.com) is a Web-based application created by The Creative-Cartel to streamline the digital workflow of a project, from production through post. It puts control of digital assets and metadata in the hands of production where they can be accessed and used quickly and efficiently. Joust acts as a repository for all reference material and metadata during principal photography, including data wrangling information, camera notes as well as  color information for each shot. It is also  includes a dailies and vendor review system and the ability to create bid packages, watermark images, and automate vendor submissions.

“We are very excited to be integrating our technology with Joust,” says Cospective CEO Rory McGregor. “The Creative-Cartel have built a platform we believe will help revolutionize the digital production pipeline and really streamline the filmmaking process”.

Photo: Courtesy of The Creative-Cartel