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Quick Chat: Emery Wells discusses Frame.io for Adobe After Effects

By Randi Altman

Frame.io is a cloud-based video collaboration tool that was designed to combine the varied ways pros review and approve projects — think Dropbox, Vimeo or email. Frame.io allows you to create projects and add collaborators and files to share in realtime.

They are now offering integration with Adobe’s After Effects that includes features like realtime comments and annotations that sync to your comp, the ability to import comments and annotations into your comp as live shape layers, and uploads of project files and bins.

To find out more, I reached out to Frame.io’s co-founder/CEO Emery Wells.

You just launched a panel for Adobe After Effects. Why was this the next product you guys targeted?
We launched our first Adobe integration with Premiere Pro this past NAB. It was a huge amount of work to rebuild all the Frame.io collaboration features for the Adobe Extension architecture, but it was worth the effort. The response from the Premiere integration was one of the best and biggest we received. After Effects is Premiere’s best friend. It’s the workhorse of the post industry. From complex motion graphics and visual effects to simple comps and title sequences, After Effects is one the key tools video pros rely on so we knew we had to extend all of the capabilities into AE.

Can you discuss the benefits users get from this panel?
Workflow is often one of the biggest frustrations any post pro faces. You really just want to focus on making cool stuff, but inevitably that requires wrangling renders, uploading files everywhere, collecting feedback and generally just doing a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do what you’re good at and what you enjoy. Frame.io for Adobe After Effects allows you to focus on the work you do well in the tool you use to do it. When you need to get feedback from someone, just upload your comp to Frame.io from within AE. Those people will immediately get a notification via email or their phone and they can start leaving feedback immediately. That feedback then flows right back into your comp where you’re doing the work.

We just cut out all the inefficient steps in between. What it really provides, more than anything else, is rapid iteration. The absolute best work only comes through that creative iteration. We never nail something on our first try. It’s the 10th try, the 50th try. Being able to try things quickly and get feedback quickly not only saves time and money, but will actually produce better work.

Will there be more Adobe collaboration offerings to come?
The way we built the panel for Premiere and After Effects actually uses the entire Frame.io web application codebase. It essentially just has a different skin on it so it feels native to Adobe apps. What that essentially means is all the updates we do to the core web application get inherited by Premiere and After Effects, so there will be many more features to come.

Not long ago Frame.io got a huge infusion of cash thanks to some heavy-hitter investors. How has this changed the way you guys work?
It’s allowing us to move faster and in parallel. We’ve now shipped four really unique products in about a year and half. The core web app, the Apple Design award-winning iOS app, the full experiences that live inside Premiere and AE, and our desktop companion app that integrated with Final Cut Pro X. All these products require considerable resources to maintain and push forward, so the capital infusion will allow us to continue building a complete ecosystem of apps that all work together to solve the most essential creative collaboration challenges.

What’s next for Frame.io?
The integrations are a really key part of our strategy, and you’ll see more of them moving forward. We want to embed Frame.io as deeply as we can in the creative apps so it just becomes a seamless part of your experience.

Check out this video for more:

Emery Wells on his now-launched collaboration app Frame.io

By Randi Altman

After years of development and months of private beta, Frame.io — a cloud-based video review, collaboration and sharing platform for creative teams — is now available.

Back in July of last year, I spoke with one of the creators of Frame.io, Emery Wells (@emerywells), a working colorist and owner of New York-based post house Katabatic Digital. With Frame.io, Wells, along with his partner John Traver, set out to put all aspects of the review and approval process into a single application, calling on his experience as a working post pro.

While the product is now live, our story from last year maps out in detail what Wells and team Continue reading

Wipster at a glance — review and approvals made easy

This VFX supervisor/filmmaker shares his thoughts on this newish cloud-based platform for reviewing, approving and collaborating.

By Hasraf “HaZ” Dullul

We now work in an industry where talent isn’t restricted to being local or location dependent. The same can be said about clients. In any project there is always “review” or “dailies” to be done for feedback on the work or sign-offs.

Software like CineSync does a very good job in providing that remote collaboration dailies session, but for a small boutique studio or freelancer working from home the price tag is a bit out of reach. There are other tools out there in the market, and online reviews/dailies feature is a core component in VFX management tools like ftrack and Shotgun. These are feature rich and Continue reading

Cloud-based collaboration tool Wipster is released

After an extensive beta program, Wipster is formally launching its new cloud-based, collaborative video review and approval platform created by filmmaker Rollo Wenlock and team.

It is designed specifically for content creators, filmmakers, in-house corporate media teams or anyone creating short-form video projects.

Wipster offers the ability to create content rich emails and share secure folders with anyone via an invite. Wipster, and its simple-to-use interface, offers frame-accurate video playback, contextual commenting and version stacking. Wipster also allows users to deliver unlimited videos in their original formats, an important point for those working in post.


Wipster is available as a cloud-based, subscription service with options to meet any teams’ collaboration requirements. Wipster also provides users with a “Free Forever” plan that gives teams access to core Wipster features, and 15 minutes of video uploads per month.

“Video is clearly exploding across the Internet — across every industry and every genre. And as a result, a whole new generation of content creator is emerging,” says Rollo Wenlock, CEO/founder of Wipster. “The problem is, while we all love creating our art, we honestly hate the process of getting it approved and delivered. Let’s face it, it’s painful. But it doesn’t have to be — that’s why we created Wipster.”

For premium features, Wipster is available on a monthly subscription model, with pricing starting at $25 USD for a single user account, $50 USD for teams, and $100 USD for a pro company account. Enterprise level pricing is available upon request.

Summing up the offerings:
• Contextual Commenting – Comment and reply to feedback directly on the video
• To-Do List -Generate and share to-do lists directly from Wipster
• Version Stacking – Unlimited access to every version of your video
• Import from Dropbox – Get feedback on your videos from your Dropbox folder
• Frame Accurate Video Playback – Let your reviewers be specific and point to the right frame
• Creating Teams – Create teams and invite people to work together as a team on the same account
• Shared Folders – Share an entire folder of videos with anyone
• Security – Wipster uses encryption (256 SSL), which is what banks use
• Content Rich Emails – Receive frame and comment activity notifications via email, sent directly from within Wipster
• Nudge – If you’re not hearing back from the team in a timely way, gently remind people to review your video when you’re waiting for them
• Unlimited Sharing – Share your video with as many people as you want, wherever they are, no matter if they have an account
• Unlimited Archive – All your videos stored in one place, no limits
• Branded Presentation – When done, create tailored, branded presentations for clients.