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Quick Chat: ‘The Knick’ gets medical help via Phosphene

By Randi Altman

We are all used to medical dramas about heroic, well-dressed, beautiful doctors saving lives against all odds. But Cinemax’s The Knick turns this typically procedural genre on its head. This Steven Soderbergh-directed series — yes, the Oscar- and Emmy-winning filmmaker — stars Clive Owen as the ultra-talented but far from perfect surgeon John Thackery. Yes, that’s the Academy Award-nominated Clive Owen.

The Knick takes place the turn of the 20th Century and focuses on New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital and its staff, who are practicing some pretty “creative” medicine on their patients. With any period piece there are many opportunities for visual effects: removing anything modern that might appear in a shot, set extensions, etc., but that’s not where it ended on The Knick. For Continue reading