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IBC: Square Box offers CatDV 11, CatDV Web 2, further integration with Adobe

At IBC, Square Box Systems is showing CatDV 11, the next-generation of its asset management software, in addition to CatDV Web 2, the company’s new approach to online media asset management.

The new features and toolsets in CatDV 11 and CatDV Web2, along with fresh workflow capabilities between Adobe Premiere Pro CC editorial software and Adobe Anywhere realtime collaborative platform, are designed to allow content owners to more easily repurpose and monetize their media assets, and significantly improve end-to-end workflow efficiency from production and post, through to delivery and distribution.

“CatDV 11 and CatDV Web 2 build on the strengths of previous versions of these leading MAM platforms, and deliver a step-change in performance and capabilities for small, medium and large enterprises alike,” says Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box. “CatDV Web 2 in particular provides a fresh, clean user interface that is completely intuitive to non-technical users, making it much easier for marketers and sales teams to repurpose material and monetize their content. These latest advances in CatDV media asset management systems make it far simpler and faster to perform the whole range of management tasks on an even wider range of production materials.”

Key features of CatDV 11 include an enhanced user-experience, with additional media management tools, accessible to new customers and familiar to exiting users; native-capable playback engine, supporting the latest digital cinematography cameras; improved integration with major video editing and creative collaboration platforms; and new functions for enterprise-scale deployments. CatDV 11’s new 64-bit architecture speeds up overall performance.

CatDV works with many high-res media formats, and the new CatDV 11 extends this support with a new player architecture supporting the latest broadcast formats as well as native Red Epic and AVCHD/MTS footage.

Key features of the new GUI include the creation of workspaces for convenient browsing, ingest, logging and search functions; tabbed browsing, which simplifies the process of working with multiple catalogues and query results; user-defined color-coding of smart labels; simplified tree navigation that allows the grouping of useful functions together that improve workflow; pop-up panels with metadata preview; and a hover-to-scrub facility that enables users to quickly preview their content. The addition of global metadata fields within CatDV 11 help to make large, enterprise deployments and automation easier.

CatDV Web 2 offers intuitive media and metadata management toolsets via an entirely browser-driven web interface. Features include logging, search and retrieval tools, a rough-cut editing capability, and easy system administration.

CatDV Web 2 can be used as the only interface to CatDV, or can co-exist with existing web and desktop clients, and is suited for cloud deployments, increasing the reach of CatDV outside typical production or engineering teams.

Integration with Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC and Anywhere
CatDV has worked closely with Adobe to improve workflow capabilities between CatDV 11 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC editorial software and Adobe Anywhere realtime collaborative platform.

An integrated CatDV panel within Premiere Pro supports a wide variety of search mechanisms, sub-clips, sequences and markers. Metadata and footage can also be previewed. CatDV for Anywhere adds the power of CatDV media management to Adobe Anywhere for video: sharing CatDV’s content seamlessly with Anywhere productions, within CatDV and via Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Main image: CatDV Adobe Premiere Panel 3.