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EP Blythe Klippsten returns to Zoic for series work

Blythe Klippsten has joined Culver City visual effects house Zoic as executive producer, working on television series. This almost-15-year VFX vet has worked with other busy LA studios in the past, including Psyop, MassMarket, Stardust Studios and Ntropic.

Actually Klippsten isn’t new to Zoic, having worked there near the start of her career — she was a VFX producer from 2006 to 2008. Klippsten, who is now working with EP Gina Fiore to continue building Zoic’s list of television clients, has an extensive background in both commercial and television visual effects.

Prior to joining Zoic in 2006, she coordinated VFX for CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. She gained experience working on a number of TV series, including HBO’s True Blood, and CBS and Jericho, for which she was nominated for an Emmy.

Klippsten spent the next eight years leading teams at a variety of VFX shops, overseeing the production on major campaigns for Pepsi, BMW, EA, Nintendo, Sony, Sprint, Starbucks and Honda, as well as a Super Bowl spot for Cars.com.

“Television has always been a first love of mine and I’m excited to return to Zoic where I really got my start in visual effects,” says Klippsten. “It’s a dynamic time in television, with a much wider distribution landscape and a more diverse range of creative content.”