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NAB: Silverdraft president Ted Schilowitz

Las Vegas — Ted Schilowitz is a busy man. He is president of Silverdraft, the makers of Devil and Demon supercomputers. He is “futurist” at 20th Century Fox Studios, and he is “cinemavangelist” at Barco, helping with their Escape experience.

Ted came by postPerspective on the first day of NAB to chat about all the hats he wears and how his projects are progressing.

When not giving various presentations throughout NAB , Ted could be found at Silverdraft’s The Devil’s Playground, which was located between the South and Central halls, sharing info and playing VR games running off Silverdraft’s supercomputers.

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Barco aims to immerse you in the cinema experience

By Randi Altman

With more and more quality content being offered online via outlets like YouTube, Netflix, Red Box and others, some have asked, “What does that mean for the future of cinema?” If people can get their entertainment delivered to their handhelds or their home theaters, what will get them out of their houses and into the multiplex? Continue reading