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Santa Monica’s Tono Studios expands to the OC

Eight-year-old Tono Studios, which offers commercial recording and voiceover facilities in Santa Monica, is expanding to Orange County. The audio post house’s new 1,336-square-foot studio will open in Costa Mesa in January.

“There is a big advertising market in Orange County and not many recording studios,” explains Tono CEO Raquel Ramirez, who is partnered with Jaime Zapata.

“We have a couple of clients who are based there and hate the commute to Santa Monica, so we are making it easier for them. We will also try getting business from other agencies.”

Clients needing or wanting to begin their projects at the Santa Monica facility can opt to finish at the Costa Mesa facility or vice versa, all in realtime. “They can, for example, record voiceovers at the Santa Monica facility and finalize the mix in Costa Mesa,” explains Ramirez. “The projects that go through both of our facilities will be totally seamless.”

Tono is a Mac-based studio housing Pro Tools HDX, Genelec speakers, Brent Averill mic-pres, Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH 416 mics, a Samsung 55-inch curved 4K Ultra HD TV monitor, plug-ins and a sound effects library.

“We are taking advantage of new technologies to communicate and collaborate with our main studios in Santa Monica using video conferencing, realtime recording and cloud-based backups,” concludes Ramirez, adding that Tono will be offering video editing services in the near future.

Rachel Ramirez and Jaime Zapata are pictured in our main image