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This audio engineer gets serious with his Top 10 tips

By Ron DiCesare

Most people in the film, TV and advertising industries are visually oriented. At its core, the film and TV industry, as well as the advertising business to a degree, are based on storytelling. These two factors combined mean that the focus of post is often on the video and visuals. Not to discredit the importance of visuals or diminish the role these people play, but I find myself reminding people that audio plays an equally important role as any visuals.

In fact, I have been asked numerous times to do sound design without having the video as a reference (no, I am not joking), which is a clear reminder to me how much I rely on the visuals when I am working on projects. Even so, there are important audio aspects that are sometimes swept under the carpet only to show their importance when they are not done correctly. Continue reading

George Hagstrand’s Top 10: Why audio engineers deserve respect

George Hagstrand is a musician and audio engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s also co-founder of the production company Future Museum, which specializes in making videos for the web.

While Hagstrand’s specialty is in audio he recognizes the benefits of getting involved early in all aspects of the production process, from filming, searching for talent, graphics, animation and especially sound and music. He believes that understanding why creative decisions are made helps the entire process.

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Howard Bowler’s Top 10: Why audio engineers should be respected

Howard Bowler is president and CEO of New York City’s Hobo (@hoboaudio), an audio post studio providing mixing and sound design for film, television, promo, spot, radio and web projects.

He is an industry vet who started in the business as a musician, sharing the stage with such bands as the Talking Heads, the B52s, The Ramones and Blondie. He found his way into record engineering and finally audio post.

A few months back, Bowler was a featured “Meet The Artist” on postPerspective. In addition to his audio talents, Bowler has a sense of humor.

So, without further ado, we bring to you, Howard Bowler’s Top 10 reasons why audio engineers Continue reading