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Accusonus intros plugin bundles for sound and video editors

Accusonus is bringing its single-knob audio cleaning and noise reduction technology to its new ERA 4 Bundles for video editors, audio engineers and podcasters.

The ERA 4 Bundles (Enhancement and Repair of Audio) are a collection of single-knob audio cleaning plugins designed to reduce the complexity of the sound design and audio workflow without compromising sound quality or fidelity.

Accusonus says that its patented single-knob design appeals to professional editors, filmmakers and podcasters because it reduces the time-consuming audio repair workflow to a twist of a dial. Additionally, the ERA 4 Standard family of plugins enables aspiring content creators, YouTubers and film and audio students to quickly master audio workflows with minimal effort or expertise.

ERA 4 Bundles are available in two collections: The Standard Bundle and the Pro Bundle.

The ERA 4 Standard Bundle features audio cleaning plugins designed for speed and fidelity with minimal effort, even if users have never edited audio before. The Standard Bundle offers professional sound design and includes: Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, De-esser, Plosive Remover, Voice Leveler and De-clipper.

The ERA 4 Pro Bundle targets professional editors, audio engineers and podcasters in advanced post and music production environments. It includes all of the plugins from the Standard Bundle and adds the sophisticated ERA De-Esser Pro plugin. Except from the large main knob, ERA De-Esser Pro offers extra controls for greater granularity and fine-tuning when fixing an especially rough recording.

The Accusonus ERA Bundle is fully supported by Avid Pro Tools 12.6 (or higher), Audacity 2.2.2, Apple Logic Pro 10.4.3 (or higher), Ableton Live 9 (or higher), Cockos Reaper v5.9, Image Line FL Studio 12, Presonus Studio One 3 (or higher), Steinberg Cubase 8 (or higher), Adobe Audition CC 2017 (or higher) and Apple GarageBand 10.3.2

The ERA Bundle supports Adobe Premiere CC 2017 (or higher), Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.4 (or higher), Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14 (or higher), Avid Media Composer 2018.12 and Magix Vegas Pro 15 (or higher).

The ERA 4 Standard Bundle is available at a special introductory price of $119 until July 31. After that, the price will be $149. The ERA 4 Pro Bundle is available at a special introductory price of $349 until July 31. After that, the price will be $499.