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64th Annual A.C.E. Eddie Awards presented

Beverly Hills —  This past weekend, the 64th Annual A.C.E. Eddie Awards (ace-filmeditors.org) were presented. The Eddies hold special meaning for these nominees and winners because they are voted on by their peers — editors.

Christopher Rouse, A.C.E., who picked up the award in the category of Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) for his work on “Captain Phillips,” refers to the win as a “surprise.  The other nominees in my category had done truly fantastic work, and we weren’t considered the front-runner.

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Meet The Business Owner: Zero VFX’s Sean Devereaux

NAME: Sean Devereaux

COMPANY: Boston’s ZeroVFX (https://www.zerovfx.com, @ZeroVFX)

Zero is a nimble and creative studio that is largely team based. Although we have specialties within our discipline it is common for you to be contributing on an agency call in the morning and finishing a shot with three other artists for a feature film in the afternoon.

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