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AJA intros single-cable RovoCam UltraHD/HD compact camera

AJA has added a second camera to its line of acquisition products. RovoCam is a compact block camera for broadcast and pro A/V as well as industrial, security and corporate apps. It captures UltraHD and HD imagery using Sony optics with built-in 12x optical and up to 20x zoom with Sony Super Resolution Zoom.

RovoCam has an integrated HDBaseT interface supporting uncompressed video, power, stereo audio and RS-232 control over a single CAT 5e/6 cable running at lengths of up to 100 meters. Since it offers single-cable connectivity, this dramatically simplifies installation, camera set up and footprint requirements.

RovoCam is built around Sony’s 4K FCB-ER8300 Functional Camera Block featuring the back illuminated CMOS sensor technology and Sony image processing. The camera is encased in rugged and durable aluminum, and its small and light form factor allows simple mounting in a wide range of scenarios.

“There are a number of markets for RovoCam, from security, houses of worship to live events and stage rigging for concert capture and stadium applications,” explains AJA product manager Bryce Button. “Within the M&E space, the camera fits well and offers UltraHD/HD resolutions well suited for mocap capture, and camera B use within studio environments. It is not meant to be a primary narrative-type camera but is well suited for tight spaces and similar environments due to its compact size and all in one nature in terms of cabling.”

RovoRx-HDMI, the companion receiver unit, offers easy integration for RovoCam with an HDMI output, and all video/audio signals, power and control over HDBaseT. RovoCam is also compatible with select third-party receivers.

RovoCam will be available soon through AJA’s reseller network for a US MSRP of $2,495. RovoRX-HDMI will be available for a US MSRP of $495.

“Marrying our HDBaseT interface technology with Sony’s compact 4K camera delivers powerful camera acquisition with very simple single-cable setup and operation,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video. “We’ve partnered closely with Sony for many years and RovoCam comes as the latest in a long line of collaborations with them.”

Here are some features of the RovoCam:
— HDBaseT interface supporting uncompressed video, stereo audio, control and power over a single CAT 5e/6 cable
— “4K” UltraHD and HD resolutions
— 1/2.3 type 8.9 megapixel back illuminated CMOS sensor
— Integrated zoom lens, 12x optical (20x with Super Resolution Zoom)
— Integrated image processor with extensive automatic and/or manual control
— Additional on-camera power and RS-232 connections for maximum flexibility
— Supports Sony VISCA camera control
— Stereo mic input suRovoRx-HDMIpporting PiP power
— Machined aluminum case with standard mounting options on each side
— Compatible with Sony’s SNCUNIHB/1 outdoor housing

Here are some features of the RovoRx-HDMI:
— HDBaseT receiver supporting video, stereo audio, control and power over a single CAT 5e/6 cable
— UltraHD and HD resolutions
— 1 x “4K” UltraHD/HD HDMI output
— 1 x RCA audio output
— 1 x USB for firmware updates and additional control
— 1 x RS-232 output