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My ‘Top 3’ prosumer filmmaker necessities

By Brady Betzel

I love to tinker with every type of gadget that I can get my hands on, from After Effects plug-ins to GoPros and their accessories. But sometimes I forget the basics like a simple tripod, camera bag and a light.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a product reviewer, like me, who enjoys shooting and getting great images, you will always need the basics. So here are my Top 3 prosumer filmmaker necessities:

1. The Adorama 3Pod V2AH Tripod

One thing that is a necessity for any filmmaker looking to get a stable shot is a tripod. If you are going cheap you can get the basic tripod without a fluid head for probably $100 to $125, but if you really want to be able to pan and tilt fluidly, you will need to find a tripod that can support a fluid head. Continue reading

Student’s Perspective: Production assistant on a Weight Watchers shoot

By Emory Parker

In the film industry, first impressions are everything. So when an opportunity comes my way, I make an effort to show up early, be eager to learn, and be willing to offer my assistance before someone asks for it.

Continue reading