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A young filmmaker discovers post can be lonely… and gratifying

By Emory Parker

French dramatist Charles-Guillaume Étienne coined the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” This seems to be the justification for the resurgence of the auteur-style of filmmaking. Young filmmakers, especially those fresh out of film school, believe they will become successful by performing as many roles as they can on set. It’s not uncommon to see one person’s name appear several times in the credits of a film. But, what if that person is not the most qualified for one of the jobs she has given herself?

Last summer I helped a friend get over a bad break-up and was inspired to write a song about it. I sat down at the piano and my fingers kept returning to the same four chords. I began to hear different patterns emerg from the chords and play simultaneously in my head. I have been singing my whole life but have little experience writing music or playing Continue reading

Review: MediaSilo with Premiere/Prelude integration

By Brady Betzel

A few months ago I reviewed a cloud-based asset management and collaboration platform called Aframe. After that review hit, many people emailed asking how I “really” felt about it, and would it work in different production scenarios.

Competitors also reached out asking if I could review their product too. My Forbidden Technologies review is already up on postPerspective.com, and I recently took MediaSilo up on their offer and ran some of my own tests. I discovered that we really are going to be working in the cloud in the near future — this is not just a fad.

While these products do differ in their offerings, it’s clear there is a race to supremacy in the cloud wars. Forbidden Technology offers Forscene, a Web-based NLE, cloud storage and Continue reading

RuckSackNY creates anti-texting/driving PSA in time for Thanksgiving


New York — Manhattan based RuckSackNY has completed a Public Service Announcement in response to the growing number of texting-related car accidents.

RuckSackNY (www.rucksackny.com) created the 30-second spot, Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?, with the aim of educating the audience about the dangers surrounding texting while driving or walking. See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQlJ-RXtGGc

Fred and Natasha Ruckel, the creative directors working on the texting PSA, spend a significant amount of time driving between the city and various shoot locations, encountering, like many of us, drivers swerving and veering precariously, sometimes at high speed, while scrolling through their text messages.

“It scares me to be on the road at times”, noted Fred Ruckel, “Because a car could just slam right into you.” Fred’s wife and business partner, Natasha, finds the situation stressful, but would lament, “There’s nothing you can do about it, don’t let it get to you.”

After a few near misses, Fred decided that there had to be something that he could do about it. “I wanted make a Public Service Announcement video to help raise awareness.”

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