Audionamix – 7.1.20

SuperExploder adds Meredith Nazzaro as senior producer

Meredith Nazzaro has joined New York audio house SuperExploder as senior producer. Nazzaro, who brings with her a decade of post production experience, has worked in broadcast promotions and commercials. As senior producer, she will oversee all mixing, sound design and original music composition projects at SuperExploder.

After studying communications in college, New Jersey native Nazzaro got her start in the post industry at NYC audio post shop Bionic. She spent eight years there producing a wide range of network broadcast projects for USA Network, SyFy, The Food Network and others. She then moved to audioEngine serving as executive producer. While there she led a team of mixers, composers and sound designers on commercial projects, including several Budweiser Super Bowl ads.

“Meredith’s passion and understanding of the fast-changing audio business make her a welcome addition to SuperExploder,” says SuperExploder partner David Gioiella.


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