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Sound developments at the NAB Show

Spotlighting Pro Sound Effects library, Genelec 7.1.4 Array, Avid Master Joystick Module and Sennheiser AVX wireless mic

By Mel Lambert

With a core theme of ”Crave More,” which is intended to reflect the passion of our media and entertainment communities, and with products from 1,700 exhibitors this year – including over 200 first-time companies – there were plenty of new developments to see and hear at the NAB Show, which continues in Las Vegas until Thursday afternoon.

In addition to unveiling Master Library 2.0, which adds more that 30,000 new sound effects, online access, annual updates and new subscription pricing, Pro Sound Effects demonstrated a new set of surround-sound ambiences recorded using the Soundfield SPS200 microphone. Scheduled for release in May, NYC Ambisonics will comprise a library of some 60 recordings of Central Part, Wall Street and other iconic locations, in addition to subway and traffic noises. “A custom-developed plug-in for Avid Pro Tools will enable sound editors to recreate user-selectable surround ambiences in up to 7.1-channel formats, together with mono and stereo,” explained David Forshee, the firm’s library specialist. “The sound editor or re-recording mixer can also change the orientation of the Ambisonics microphone and favor different sections of the immersive sound field, if that is the desired result, and hence provide a higher degree of customization than is possible with conventional effects libraries.”

Genelec 7.1.4-channel layout for Home Atmos mixes.

Genelec 7.1.4-channel layout for Home Atmos mixes.

Genelec utilized an array of its reference loudspeakers laid out in a 7.1.4-channel configuration to demonstrate its use in editorial suites and smaller re-recording stages to monitor Dolby Home Atmos mixes for streaming and/or Blu-ray Disc release. “We set up three Model 8351 three-way monitors for left, center and right channels,” explained Will Eggleston, Genelec US marketing director, “plus 8240 two-way monitors for the left-side, right-side, left-surround and right-surround channels, in addition to four 8330 two-way monitors for the overhead channels. We also used a Model 7270 subwoofer for bass management of the lower seven speakers, and crossed over at 75 Hz, with a 7260 subwoofer for bass management of the upper speakers. Reaction to playback of a Blu-ray Disc of director Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction attracted a lot of attention from NAB visitors.”

Avid Panner for Pro Tools S6 control surface

Avid application specialist Ozzie Sutherland with the new Master Joystick Module.

As part of its continuing vision for Avid Everywhere initiative, Avid Technology announced that Pro Tools 12 DAW is now shipping, with extra features tailored to provide “an innovative and comprehensive media platform connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption.” Also unveiled: a Master Joystick Module for the Pro Tools | S6 control surface which, according to Richard McKernan, Avid’s professional console sales manager, western region, “offers automated touch-sensitive joystick panning” via a pair of non-motorized joysticks for both M10- and M40-based systems; a 3.2-inch built-in TFT display shows current pan and joystick locations. Strip Control and Knob Cell sections for each joystick are similar to those used on the other S6’s Knob- and Process-Modules, with a pair of multicolor LED top-lit encoders, OLED displays and panning switches for controlling LFE, divergence and other functions. And Dolby Laboratories announced plans to develop a deeper integration of Atmos immersive surround capabilities within Pro Tools to send object-targeting metadata to the Atmos RMU, thereby eliminating the need for an extra plug-in.

The new Sennheiser AVX Series hand-held mic and camera receiver.

The new Sennheiser AVX Series hand-held mic and camera receiver.

Sennheiser unveiled the new AVX Series of wireless microphones for video productions, and which comprises a compact receiver that plugs directly into the camera’s XLR port and offers automatically level control; the units operates on a protected link via a license-free 1.9 GHz RF connection. “For professional videographers filming a documentary, or an in-house marketing specialist making a product video, AVX lets the user concentrate on creative work,” stated Sven Boetcher, the firm’s portfolio manager of broadcast & media. “AVX automatically selects a suitable transmission frequency and makes all the necessary settings.” Adaptive transmitting power means that the system will maintain a reliable connection between the microphone and the camera receiver, to ensure a stable link while reducing battery consumption. Special lithium-ion batteries can be recharged via a USB port. For DSLRs that feature a 3.5 mm audio input, the system includes an XLR-3/mini-jack adapter cable and mounting accessories to attach the receiver to the camera hot shoe. Three versions are available, with either a hand-held transmitter, an ME2 clip-on mic or as a body pack transmitter and an MAKE2 clip-on mic; a special combo pack includes both a body pack and a handheld mic.

I’ll return on Friday with more sound news from the NAB Show floor.

Mel Lambert is principal of Content Creators, an LA-based copywriting and editorial service, and can be reached Follow him on Twitter @MelLambertLA

Main Photo Caption: ProSound Effects NYC Ambisonics library Pro Tools plug-in

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