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SilhouetteFX answers customer requests with Version 5.2

SilhouetteFX, makers of Silhouette, is a complete package of visual effects tools that includes rotoscoping, paint, morph, effects and keying tools, has released Version 5.2.

This new release offers new features that are a direct result of customer feedback gathered through the company’s online support system. Specifically, this update was driven by a number of customers who were working on major upcoming films that were shot in 5K.

Highlights of the new release include:
Crop Node: Image resolutions continue to grow and become more difficult to work with. The new Crop Node allows working within a small region of a larger image using less memory with faster performance.

EXR 2.0 Multi-part File Support: Silhouette now supports EXR 2.0 multi-part files. When a multi-part file is loaded, all of its parts are loaded into the Project window ready for selection and use in the project.

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Auto Paint Enhancements: Extending our already powerful Auto Paint tools, you can now play back selected events forward or backward, rebuild paint in stroke order, and duplicate strokes from one stereo view to another.

Tweak Software > RV Integration: Rendered clips can be sent to Tweak Software’s RV playback software (if installed).

New licenses for Silhouette V5 cost $1,495. The upgrade is free for current V5 customers.


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