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Nvidia at SIGGRAPH with new RTX Studio laptops, more

By Mike McCarthy

Nvidia made a number of new announcements at the SIGGRAPH conference in LA this week.  While the company didn’t have any new GPU releases, Nvidia was showing off new implementations of its technology — combining AI image analysis with raytracing acceleration for an Apollo 11-themed interactive AR experience. Nvidia has a number of new 3D software partners supporting RTX raytracing through its Optix raytracing engine.  It allows programs like Blender Cycles, Keyshot, Substance, and Flame to further implement GPU acceleration, using RTX cores for raytracing and tensor cores for AI de-noising.

Nvidia was also showing off a number of new RTX Studio laptop models from manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo and Boxx. These laptops all support Nvidia’s new unified Studio Driver, which, now on its third release, offers full, 10-bit color support for all cards, blurring the feature-set lines between the GeForce and Quadro products. Quadro variants still offer more frame buffer memory, but support for the Studio Drive makes the GeForce cards even more appealing to professionals on a tight budget.

Broader support for 10-bit color makes sense as we move toward more HDR content that requires the higher bit depth, even at the consumer level. And these new Studio Drivers also support both desktop and mobile GPUs, which will simplify eGPU solutions that utilize both on a single system. So if you are a professional with a modern Nvidia RTX GPU, you should definitely check out the new Studio Driver options.

Nvidia is also promoting its cloud-based AI image-generating program Gaugan, which you can check out for free here. It is a fun toy and there are a few potential uses in the professional world, especially for previz backgrounds and concept art.

Mike McCarthy is an online editor/workflow consultant with over 10 years of experience on feature films and commercials. He has been involved in pioneering new solutions for tapeless workflows, DSLR filmmaking and multi-screen and surround video experiences. Check out his site.

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