Siggraph 2019

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Conductor, whose cloud rendering service started on Google's offering, has now partnered with Amazon Web Services, providing users with

Maxon introduced Cinema 4D R21 at the show with many new updates. Additionally, Maxon announced that their products will be

Michel Suissa, who runs The Studio - B&H, gives us a rundown of what companies were highlighted on this

Boxx was demo-ing its Apexx Enigma S3 workstation showing the potential of 8K editing. Also on display was the

Panasas has been targeting visual effects houses, among others, with its storage offerings, so they were at the show talking

Naveen outlines IEEE's organization and membership, and how they are showcasing the SMPTE Digital Library through IEEE Explorer.

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Shogun 1.3 was being demo'd with new features, including high-fidelity finger tracking down to individual knuckles. The

Ncam was on The Studio - B&H booth at the show, demo-ing a CAD file of a McLaren

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Autodesk announced Bifrost for Maya, a new visual programming environment that allows artists to create their own visual effects easily

Nvidia was showing how accelerated raytracing has taken off with its RTX GPU. New at the show was RTX Studio

OptiTrack had a new solver on display at the show, in addition to a new hybrid glove that allows actors

Chaos released V-Ray for Houdini, which has already been used in beta on The Walking Dead, and Brooklyn Nine

Signs of Life is a 35-minute planetarium show that will take place in a 76-foot immersive dome at

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TurboSquid sells 3D models — people, cars, textures — designed to help get artists a head start on their work

Digital Domain worked back to back on the last two Avengers films, using a variety of Foundry tools in the

Adobe acquired Substance back in January. They offer a set of tools and services for creating materials and textures.

Jogger Studios is the finishing arm of Cut n Run Editorial. They are based mainly around Flame, After Effects and

While they have locations around the world, it was Framestore's Montreal studio that worked on portions of Captain Marvel

Blackmagic was at Siggraph with Resolve 16, which is now in a very stable public beta 7. Fusion is fully

Jay Cooper was compositing supervisor and associate visual effects supervisor for ILM on Avengers: Endgame. Their VFX ranged from fix

This 18-year-old animation and visual effects studio has offices spread throughout in UK. Jellyfish will go all virtual

This Siggraph veteran talks about trends and new technology he saw at the show, including virtual motion capture and laser

Epic Games demonstrated how its Unreal Engine helps to create photorealistic digital humans, plus advancements in raytracing, augmented reality, virtual

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Nick Epstein was VFX supervisor on Alita: Battle Angel. He walks us through studio's workflow, including building digital actor

The Unity game engine allows creators to see the work immediately. Instead of having silo'd work sections, the process

Insta360 was at the Studio - B&H booth showing off its variety of 360 cameras, including the cinematic Titan

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AMD was at the show talking about democratizing rendering - how to get rendering capabilities out of the hands of experts

Dell's Matt Allard walks us through the latest Precision mobile workstations with Nvidia technology inside