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SFX and VFX veteran Scott Coulter joins MastersFX

LA- and Vancouver-based MastersFX (MFX) has added longtime VFX producer Scott Coulter as its new VP/executive producer of visual effects. He brings extensive experience in both practical and digital effects and is already overseeing day-to-day operations on visual effects at MFX’s Los Angeles headquarters. He is also heading up character and creature design work for their current slate of projects.

Coulter joins the company with over 30 years of effects experience, having worked on more than 200 films that have integrated almost every aspect of special and visual effects. His credits include the feature films The Expendables, Conan the Barbarian, Dogma, My Favorite Martian and The Crow.

He began his career as a production assistant on George Romero’s Creepshow. His first love was special effects makeup and monsters and he quickly moved up the ranks, becoming a makeup FX supervisor and developing his animatronics and practical blood skills. While working on The Crow, Coulter saw Jurassic Park in the theater and became inspired by the digital visual effects. Not long after he took a six-month sabbatical from his role as a makeup FX artist to learn everything he could about computer animation.

In 2001, Coulter founded and launched Worldwide FX, headquartered in Bulgaria, to meet the visual effects needs of Nu_Image/Millennium Films — Millennium Studio owns Worldwide FX. He eventually expanded the facility, even opening a second facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. To date, Worldwide FX has created VFX for more than 140 films.

“Scott is a rare sort… his knowledge is diverse and his skill set is truly unmatched,” says founder/president of Masters FX Todd Masters, noting that he and Coulter had a working relationship that spans two decades. “Scott and I worked together more than 15 years ago on early MFX projects such as Demon Knight, Dark Skies and Mortal Kombat. Back then we were using only puppets and prosthetics. Scott was there, coming up with great tricks, even then. But it was all practical FX, and long before the birth of digital.”

Today Masters FX combines both practical and digital techniques. “Because we’ve changed many of the ways we approach FX these days, both Scott and I did a bit of an adjustment over these past many, many years — working from separate locations and with slightly separate disciplines,” adds Masters. “Most recently, I’ve been helping develop and supervise the art-side of our advanced FX methodologies, while Scott’s been evolving himself into this amazingly creative and experienced, worldwide VFX executive. He’s one of the few effects executives I know of who has seen it all and done it all, from numerous vantage points.”

“The blending of these disciplines is the greatest challenge moving forward, and this company is the place to perfect this blending and really make it happen,” adds Coulter. “On top of that, the idea of working in LA again after many years based in Bulgaria also appealed to me!”

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