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Senior editor Cristina Rackoff joins Moondog

Cristina Rackoff, who has spent the last year and half freelancing for a number of post companies, has joined the roster of New York-based Moondog Edit as senior editor. A self-taught editor, Rackoff mastered Apple Final Cut Pro even before entering the School of Visual Arts’ editing program.

“I always knew I wanted to be an editor,” she admits, adding that she became so fluent with the program that she worked for Apple while attending SVA, teaching Final Cut at their Soho store, giving presentations and doing private tutoring.

After graduating from SVA, she landed a job at Big Sky Editorial, becoming an assistant to editor Chris Franklin. Over the next 10 years she worked her way up to a senior editor role, handling a wide range of projects for some of New York’s biggest agencies and clients.

It was at Big Sky that she edited Your First Time for the 2012 Obama for America re-election campaign. Starring Lena Dunham, it confuses your first time voting with your first time doing, well, you know. In it, Dunham talks in a rapid, quick-cut patter about how, for your first time, you should want to do it with a guy who can provide you with health insurance and, who got the troops out of Iraq. It made the shortlist for the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards and has nearly three million views on YouTube.

She has worked on campaigns for Cigna, Post, Clairol, Cover Girl, Wild Turkey, Garnier, Gerber and Victoria’s Secret Sport apparel. In addition to her work with advertising clients, Rackoff also contributes to projects in a range of other media forms. She edited the audio for actor Matthew Modine’s award-winning iPad app, Full Metal Jacket Diary, which recounts his experiences taking photos during production of the Stanley Kubrick classic.

She also teamed with filmmaker Tessa Blake to edit her short film, Election Night. The dramedy about a political candidate and his family has been a favorite of festivals around the world and was an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in 2015.

Like many editors, Rackoff chose to go freelance for a period of time to get a better sense of the current state of the post industry and to broaden her roster of contacts and assignments. It was during this time that she met Moondog Edit executive producer Courtney Ryan Law, who brought her in to work on a handful of projects. She also met Moondog owners Bernadette Quinn and Pete Kasko and felt the pull of the company’s distinct atmosphere and culture.

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