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Scratch Play V.8.2 offers support for Oculus Rift, new formats, cameras

Assimilate’s Scratch Play V.8.2, a free media player for pro and web formats, has added support for native realtime playback of cinematic content created for Oculus Rift – 360 virtual reality viewing.

Scratch Play v8.2, which is available immediately as a free download at www.assimilateinc.com, also supports several new cameras and formats, including the Blackmagic Pocket Camera, Magic Lantern support for Canon DSLRs, Panasonic RAW (vrw) and a performance boost for XAVC 4K.

Scratch Play also supports Cylindrical, Equirectangular and Cube formats for output to a secondary monitor or an Oculus Rift DKI or DKII. With a Rift connected, these formats are mapped in realtime to Rift output, with full head-tracking support.

Scratch Play will output in 360 mode with just a normal secondary display/monitor acting as a window into the virtual world, with realtime ability to pan, track and tilt around the sphere. This means that developers creating cinematic content for the Rift now have a playback tool that allows them to instantly review VR shots in realtime — whether or not they have a Rift headset.

“Scratch Play has increased my productivity when comparing footage and speeding up iterations for Cinematic VR,” says Greg Downing, CTO of xRez Studio in Santa Monica. “Being able to do A/B comparisons quickly, live in the Rift headset, is an effective way to rapidly evaluate your work and decide if you are going in the right direction.

“Another feature I really like that speeds up the workflow is the ability to read frame sequences rather than having to go through the additional steps of encoding a video,” he says. “Short-cutting the video encoding step when working with CGI, at this resolution, is a big time saver.”

Scratch Play Premium, the ad-free version of Play, is available with annual subscription of $5 per year.

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