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Reallusion’s iClone V.5.5

By Randi Altman

Reallusion has released the 5.5 version of its iClone realtime animation pipeline for 3D characters, which targets animators, filmmakers and game developers.


This new addition allows users to create animations in iClone and export them as an FBX file for use in other programs. Additionally, jobs created in other programs can be imported as FBX files into iClone.

It’s the addition of the Motion Plus file format that allows users to collect their animation in iClone — for face and body — and export it as an FBX file.

“It’s all the data you need to go to a game engine or animation software,” says John Martin, VP of marketing at RealIllusion. “This pipeline allows users to skip the headache of having to create individual characters. Instead it gives them the ability to use their own character basics — they can build and animate character mocap, and lipsync — and export out to whatever program they want to use next.”

The pipeline is also designed for those creating custom content – such as game studios of all sizes.

Bringing characters designed in other animation software into iClone is easy – only one click gets users in. “iClone is good for hybrid developers without a mocap studio, or the time and budget to make their own characters,” explains Martin. “They could find something from our marketplace and then use our tools. They could retarget the bones to our human IK and be ready to animate anything from frame-based motion posing to motion pupeetering.”

He adds that for non-modelers, there is now the ability to turn a photograph into a 3D character.

And on the filmmaking side, iClone for Previz (http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/previz) is now being used as a previsualization tool on feature films and indies.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has been using iClone. Most recently on a segment featuring their popular character, Aunt Chippy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiftQ_YJhps. (The fake videogame they created using iClone is at the four-minute mark.)

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