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Rampant offering hundreds of free 4K effects

Rampant Design is making hundreds of Rampant 4K drag-and-drop style effects for editors, VFX and motion graphics artists… free of charge. As part of its new 4K education initiative, called, Rampant’s founders Sean and Stefanie Mullen are hoping to show the community just how easy it is to create highly-styled effects for video in 4K.

By providing entire libraries of style effects deployed by dragging and dropping onto a timeline, Rampant Design is offering an easy and cost effective way to create professional effects at 4K.

“We’re giving away hundreds of 4K style effects absolutely free to show the post production community how powerful our products are, and to demonstrate that making the leap to 4K isn’t difficult or scary,” says Sean Mullen, CEO of Rampant Design. “We also understand that times are tough out there for editors and VFX artists. They have to do more with less… less time, less budget. By offering these 4K style effects at no charge, we hope to give the smaller design shops the chance to create big budget looks without breaking their bank accounts.”

Stefanie Mullen, co-founder of Rampant Design and professional editor, adds, “All of our 4K style effects can be used in any video production; it’s our way of giving back to the community. We are post production artists ourselves and we know first-hand what it’s like to be under the gun, with no time, no budget, but the expectation that you’re going to create something mind-blowing for the client.”

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