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Rampant Design’s Budget VFX offers 40 HD looks for $29

By Brady Betzel

This week Rampant Design Tools has released its latest offering, Budget VFX, which are multiple collections of ProRes QuickTime overlays that add light leak looks (Beauty Light), Bokeh Effects, Film Clutter and more.

Each Budget VFX (@budgetvfx) collection is priced at $29 and offers 40 HD (1920×1080) QuickTime files that import into any NLE or VFX software; just adjust the Blending/Composite Mode and you are in business. If you are looking for formats larger than 1920×1080 you are going to want to check out the Rampant website, which includes products in 2K, 4K and even 5K resolutions, just not at the $29 price point.

I often write about Rampant Design Tools because I find them so useful in my professional work. Occasionally I edit in my “spare time” and usually there isn’t a high budget or luxury of time, and that is where Rampant Design Tools enter my life. I’ve been able to add instant pop and flare (organic lens flares, for that matter) to promos and sizzle reels in minutes, which sell an idea just because of a flash transition or by adding some reel clutter. You would be surprised by how many times producers will ask me to make a sizzle reel “sing.”

Besides amping up some sound effects and some editorial fixes, I add a few Budget VFX effects, such as Grunge Light effects with Add, Screen, even Hard Light mode and then add some Film Light Transitions and I’m done. If you are in Avid Media Composer check out my walk-through covering Blending/Composite Modes, which can be a little trickier to find than they should be: .

You can even pick up some free samples.

Brady Betzel is an editor at Bunim Murray Productions, a reality television production company. He is currently editing The Real World, and is one of the editors on Bad Girls Club. His typical tools at work are Avid Symphony, Adobe After Effects CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. You can email Brady at, and follow him on Twitter, @allbetzroff.



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