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Quick Chat: Randall Dark partners with Bulltiger for new media productions

By Randi Altman

Randall Dark has always been on my radar, almost since I started in this business all those years ago. To me he was the guy who was working in HD long before it turned into the high def we see on our televisions today. He truly was a pioneer of the format, but he’s also more than that. He’s a producer, a director, a cameraman and a company owner.

Recently, Randall Dark partnered with Bulltinger Productions’ CEO and founder, Stephen Brent, on a new film studio in North Austin.

Housing a 10,000-square-foot soundstage (also available for rent) with a 2,500-square-foot greenscreen, Bulltiger’s goal is creating compelling stories for all types of screens. Bulltiger currently has several projects underway, including documentary and narrative films and a film technology festival.

I decided to reach out to Randall, who has been a friend and contributor to postPerspective, to find out more.

When did you start talking with Stephen about the partnership? 
We were introduced during a mutual friend’s project meeting with the City of Pflugerville, Texas,  a few months ago. We initially started talking about how Bulltiger could help with some projects I have in the pipeline and quickly determined that we share similar visions of the future of media. It became clear that marrying our skill sets would benefit us both.

How did the process go?
It was remarkably quick. Our personalities are a good match and we’re both very passionate about technology and storytelling. As we looked at Bulltiger’s future plans, it was evident that my skill set was a good complement to what was already in motion.

What do you both bring to the table?
I have a long history of creating non-fiction and fiction programs for non-broadcast, corporate, television and theatrical applications. Bulltiger’s team includes industry veterans in PC, console and mobile games. The idea that media will continue in separate silos is obsolete. A production house needs to be able to work across all media.

Partnering with Bulltiger means that when we conceive of a project, we’re not limited to any one media to tell our story. We really get to dig in and figure out all the platforms and opportunities for a great story. From a talent perspective, it means there is no barrier between us and what we want to do.

You were an early adopter of HD, and now you are jumping feet first into the world of multi-screen/new media. Can you talk about that?
I adopted HD because I saw it as the future of television, filmmaking and theatrical display. The way we currently use many different platforms to consume media is evidence of significant changes, so the business model for the way we make it needs to change too.

Will you have any post services in house?
We’ll have a full panel of services in-house including, but not limited to, editing, color correction, effects, greenscreen and motion graphics. Basically, we can make anything screen ready. We have Final Cut X, FCP 7 and Premiere edit suites.

Will you still be directing and shooting?
Of course! I will always do what I love. However, this new venture allows me to be involved with our in-house animation, mobile apps, games and whatever else the project requires.

Can you talk about what production gear you will have in the studio?
It’s important to supply the gear that works for the project and/or the budget requirements of our clients,  so we have relationships with local rental companies that make it possible to supply any gear for any project. But you know me… I love new toys. Bulltiger will own its own fleet of gear as well.

Can you talk a bit further in detail about the projects you have in progress?
I hate being secretive, but all I can say today is that we’re working on a massive transmedia project that we hope to announce soon.

 Main Photo Caption: Randall Dark.

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