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Quick Chat: Leftchannel designs promo for Gateway Film Center

By Randi Altman

When the Columbus, Ohio-based Gateway Film Center needed a new promo to play after all trailers and before their feature and independent films, they called on local motion design studio LeftChannel and its creative director Alberto Scirocco.

Scirocco was brought into the project early on. “We designed it to feature some of the signature architecture of Columbus, treated subtly so that the piece still had universal appeal yet had a particular interest to the local viewers who would recognize the city’s architecture,” he says.

We reached out to Leftchannel‘s Scirocco to find out how they worked with the Film Center to get the promo they had envisioned.


Albert Scirocco

What direction did you get from the client?
The client wanted something that distinguished them in the marketplace and that visually communicated their tagline of “Independent cinema in the heart of Columbus.” They wanted it to be visually beautiful, but to also mean something on a deeper level to local film lovers, hence the reference to Boris Bilinsky’s poster art for Fritz Lang directed silent film ‘Metropolis.’

Did they ask for input or have a specific plan in mind?
They were in need of an opening sequence that demonstrated the character of their independent cinema and how it integrates so well into the city. They are a very art inspired cinema where independent programming accounts for more than 50 percent of total programming. They wanted to show that they are beyond mainstream with a heavy focus on indie cinema and local arts.

When you decided on what this would be, how did you go about the process?
We were inspired by Bilinsky’s poster but needed to modernize. We liked the idea of the camera pushing backward through the Columbus skyline, which has a very cinematic feel to it. Our piece evolved from that with more detail and lighting. You only see the top of the buildings and all of the visuals emerge from out of the darkness. The final scene features klieg lights scanning the sky that take on a 1950s art deco, futuristic look.

gate_1998_140124_00281 gate_1998_140124_00331

What tools did you use?
The piece was done with Maxon Cinema 4D and compositing was done in Adobe After Effects.


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