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Quick Chat: The Hit House’s Sally House on new Lexus spots

LA-based The Hit House created and produced original music and sound design for the new Lexus NX campaign via Team One Advertising. The Corner Shop produced and Wilfrid Brimo directed. Jump Editorial’s Richard Cooperman provided the cut.

The What You Get Out of It spot features a man in a parking garage, opening a large shipping container. Suddenly people start appearing and entering the container with random items, such as a bike, luggage and a dog. The man then closes the doors and they fall away, revealing a white Lexus filled with all the people and their stuff. They drive away together.

The other commercial in this campaign, which promotes the Lexus’ NX Hybrid, F Sport and Turbo car,  is called Moving. The Hit House (@HitHouseMusic) describes the music they created as industrial and contemporary.

Want to know more? Good thing, because we reached out to The Hit House’s owner/EP, Sally House, to find out details of the campaign and how they worked with Team One.

When did you get involved in the project?
With this one we got involved earlier than usual, because we began working on initial musical ideas before they had started filming.

What direction were you given?
The musical direction went through some changes throughout the creation of the spot, but we were always going for a modern, edgy feel. The industrial environment in which the commercial takes place provided a lot of inspiration — we used a variety of metallic percussion sounds, as well as dark/gritty synth tones.

What was the thinking behind the music?
This commercial is full of interesting and captivating visuals, so the music really needed to complement them in a way that enhanced the dark/sleek/edgy mood. There is a lot of mystery in the first half of What You Get Out of It. During this section the drums are relentless and driving, but overall the music is restrained, not giving too much away and leaving the viewer in the dark. Once the “reveal” happens and we see the car, the music is taken to a new level — almost as if it were the chorus of a song. During this back-end, the music has a triumphant quality. We added vocals to give the ending a more anthemic feeling.

What tools did you use?
For this track we combined live performance with synthetic instruments. For example, the driving bass-line is a combination of live bass-guitar and a distorted synth.

Music designer Scott Miller from The Hit House.

Music composer Scott Miller from The Hit House.

How much of the sound used was collected on set? Any?
Nothing for these commercials; all sounds are original.

Did you create your own effects? Can you talk about specifics? For example, creating the sound of doors opening/closing?
Our sound designer Chad Hughes did record an actual shipping container for a lot of the groans and impacts. The slam down is many different elements on top of the recordings, because of the resounding impact that Team One group creative director Craig Crawford wanted to achieve. The door opening latch was many different layers as well, however, it was not a shipping container.

Check out the What You Get Out of It spot here.

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