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Quick Chat: Cutters producer Heather Richardson

Cutters in Chicago recently hired producer Heather Richardson, who comes to the editing house after nine years at New York City’s Cosmo Street Editorial. She brings with her a ton of experience working with ad agencies and on commercials. This move allowed Richardson to come back to her home town.

While at Cosmo, she produced commercials for the company’s editors and many leading directors. Some of her most recent projects were for AT&T, DirecTV, ESPN, Geico, GoDaddy, Land Rover, MasterCard, Mercedes, Samsung and Verizon.

Richardson began with Cosmo Street in Los Angeles before moving to New York in 2008, and prior to that, she was a producer at LA-based visual effects studio A52.

We reached out to her to find out more about her new Cutters gig and her past experience.

You have worked in LA, New York and now Chicago. Can you talk about the different vibe of each city as it relates to the ad industry?
Because so much production happens in LA I felt closer to that part of the process being there, which I really enjoyed. New York runs on a faster pace giving it a different energy that can be very motivating. Having been in Chicago less than two weeks I don’t feel that I can speak to it yet, but I look forward to getting to know the industry as it exists here. I’ve heard that being smaller than NY or LA lends itself to a tighter community here in Chicago.

Why Cutters? 
I loved Cosmo Street and it was a hard decision to leave but they don’t have offices in Chicago. I was pleased to find that Cutters had a similar vibe and values as a company. It’s incredibly welcoming and warm.  Everyone is very hard working, but also down to earth.  It’s great that Cutters has offices in so many cities and really encourage editors to travel between all of these locations.  It allows us to provide options from such a deep pool of talent.

Can you talk about your philosophy in terms of working with editors?
I think it’s important to do whatever I can to give my editors the best circumstances possible to exercise their creativity. I try to be prepared for anything and anticipate any needs or potential issues.

Can you offer up any tips you have learned over the years in terms of working with clients and talent, and balancing it all?
In all situations open lines of communication are crucial. I’ve found that keeping everyone on the same page can make all the difference.

What are you planning on doing locally now that you are back home?
I am actually excited about exploring all of the new restaurants that have opened in Chicago recently, and by recently I mean the past 14 years. I did make sure to get a deep dish pizza from the Silo in Lake Bluff, Illinois (it’s the best).

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