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ProMAX targets 4K edit, VFX workflows with One workstations

ProMAX Systems, makers of high-performance video storage servers, editing workstations and archival appliances, has launched the ProMax One and One+ workstations, which are designed specifically for video editors, colorists, and VFX artists working with 4K workflows.

The new One and One+ models are easy-to-configure, turnkey systems. In the same modular construct as ProMAX’s Platform shared storage servers, the One and One+ lines both offer two base configurations and options for adding modules for graphics, storage, archive and more. The workstations’ “All-in-One” infrastructure enables true end-to-end workflows with data ingest, editing, and archiving functions all possible within a single workstation.

One and One+ features optimize strengths in high-performance editorial functionality and graphics processing. For editorial acceleration, high clock speed CPUs with up to 3.7GHz support a smooth and responsive editing experience.

For VFX work, dual 12-core CPUs apply 24 cores of processing power for fast renders. All One systems provide huge on-board RAID storage, offering fast, secure access to data with storage modules up to 30TB on the ProMAX One, and 40TB on the ProMAX One+. In addition, all new One workstations have the ability to add multiple GPU cards, via seven PCIe slots.

One and One+ workstations are currently available through the ProMAX global network of authorized reseller partners.

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