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#PostChat: Ryan Connolly and crew from ‘Adobe and the Frog’

By Randi Altman

This week’s guests on #PostChat were Ryan Connolly, president of independent production company Triune Films, and the team behind the short Adobe and the Frog (Josh Connolly  Michael StarkSeth Worley). #PostChat’s Jesse Averna hosted.

Texas-based Triune Films produces short films and web series, and creates other content, such as projects like Adobe and the Frog.

When Adobe approached Ryan Connolly and crew with the idea of a love story, but using a guy and girl representing After Effects and Premiere, he thought it was hilarious. “It was such a funny concept to me,” he says. “I think they knew that we were a team that could pull it off with very little budget and even less time. I guess that is what we are known for… ha!”

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Once his co-writer, Worley, came up with the idea of the frog, Connolly was 100 percent in. “I’m always looking for something new and fun to do… something challenging that will also entertain our viewers. Doing this meant adding a fully animated CG character into our short, which wasn’t something we had done before. That made it a big challenge, but it was so much fun to make.”

Connolly shot, directed and edited the short. He called on a Canon C500 using Canon Cinema Zooms and the Odyssey7Q. What he calls “a beautiful pairing.”

The post workflow consisted entirely of Adobe products, aside from creating the frog. “For that we bought a model from Turbo Squid and animated it in Autodesk 3DS Max,” explains Connolly. “It was then rendered using Element 3D inside After Effects.”

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Connolly and crew enjoyed being able to discuss making Adobe and the Frog during this week’s #PostChat. “I thought it was great. Any time I have a chance to interact with the community, I am all in! There seemed to be a lot of beard questions,” he said, referring to the curiosity surrounding his facial hair. “People love some beard action. All the questions were great though, I had a blast!”

#PostChat is a weekly Twitter chat focused on post production. Join the conversation on Wednesdays at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Check out the transcript from this week’s chat here.


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