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PostChat: Editor Jeffrey Wolf

By Randi Altman

This week’s guest on #PostChat is veteran editor Jeffrey Wolf, whose film credits include Billy Madison, Beautiful Girls, Bachelorette, A.C.O.D. and the upcoming You’re Not You, starring Hilary Swank.

While Wolf has edited feature films of all kinds, a majority of them have been comedies. His favorite type of project to edit? “Movies made from brilliant scripts with a great story, wonderful actors and a genius director.” Who wouldn’t love that?

Wolf’s go-to editing system is the Avid Media Composer; he particularly likes the ScriptSync feature.

The trend of asking editors to take on more than just the cutting hasn’t escaped Wolf, who does “music, temp ADR, temp opticals, titles — the works,” he says.

When asked about the challenges young editors face these days, he points to two things: One, not enough movies being made. Two? “There is a climate prevalent today where multiple editors work on projects, so there is no continuity in the cutting.”

Wolf has a ton of experience and was eager share his thoughts with those who follow #PostChat. One of the things he would like to talk about is process. “In crafting a feature, there are so many decisions made day to day that it’s extremely important to focus on keeping the process moving forward,” he says.

For a transcript of this week’s PostChat, click here.



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