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Performance-capture companies Animatrik, DI4D collaborate

Motion- and facial-capture companies Animatrik Film Design and Dimensional Imaging (DI4D) have launched a new collaboration based on their respective mocap expertise. The alliance will deliver facial performance-capture services to the VFX and video game communities across North America.

Animatrik technology has been used on such high-profile projects as Image Engine’s Chappie, Microsoft’s Gears of War series and Duncan Jones’ upcoming Warcraft. DI4D’s technology has appeared in such shows as the BBC’s Merlin and video games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Quantum Break. The new collaboration will allow both companies to bring even more true-to-life animation to similar projects in the coming months.

Animatrik has licensed DI4D’s facial performance-capture software and purchased DI4D systems, which it will operate from its Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto motion-capture studios. Animatrik will also offer an “on-location” DI4D facial performance-capture service, which has been used before on projects such as Microsoft’s Halo 4.

Check out our video with Animatrik’s president, Brett Ineson, at SIGGRAPH.

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