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OptiTrack reveals new skeletal solver

OptiTrack has a new skeletal solver that brings artifact-free, realtime character animation to its optical motion capture systems.

Key features of OptiTrack skeletal solver include:

– Accurate human movement tracking in realtime
– Major advances in solve quality and artifact-free streaming of character data
– Compatible with any OptiTrack system, including those used for live-action camera tracking, virtual camera tracking and virtual reality
– Supports industry-standard tools, including Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Unity Technologies’ Unity realtime platform and Autodesk MotionBuilder
– Extremely low latency (less than 10 milliseconds)

As a complement to its new skeletal solver, OptiTrack has introduced an equally high-performing finger-tracking solution created in partnership with Manus VR. Embedded with OptiTrack’s signature pulse Active technology, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and bend sensors, the gloves deliver accurate, continuous finger-tracking data in real time that is fully compatible with existing character animation and VR pipelines when used with OptiTrack systems.

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