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Nvidia takes on VR with DesignWorks VR at SIGGRAPH

At SIGGRAPH in LA, Nvidia introduced DesignWorks VR, a set of APIs, libraries and features that enable both VR headset and application developers to deliver immersive VR experiences. DesignWorks VR includes components that enable VR environments like head-mounted displays (HMDs), immersive VR spaces such as CAVEs and other immersive displays, and cluster solutions. DesignWorks VR builds on Nvidia’s existing GameWorks VR SDK for game developers, with improved support for OpenGL and features for professional VR applications.

Ford VR

At its SIGGRAPH 2015 booth, Nvidia featured a VR demonstration by the Ford Motor Company in which automotive designers and engineers were able to simulate the interiors and exteriors of vehicles in development within an ultra high-definition virtual reality space. By using new tools within DesignWorks VR, Ford and Autodesk realized substantial performance improvements to make the demo smooth and interactive.

In addition, Nvidia highlighted an immersive Lord of the Rings VR experience created by Weta Digital and Epic Games and powered the Nvidia Quadro M6000. At Nvidia’s “Best of GTC Theater,” companies such as Audi and Videostich  spoke on their work with VR in design.

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