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Ntropic hosts VR Meetup at its New York studio

Ntropic New York recently hosted the High Line Virtual Reality (VR) Meetup for a night on Creating Immersive Virtual Reality Content and Scaling it to an Audience.

At the event, presented by Ntropic digital partners TACTIC and DODOcase, pioneer makers and distributors of VR content and hardware led a spirited conversation with agency executives and creatives on the state of the industry, their experiences in it and what VR production means for agencies and brands.

The first-in-a-series evening also gave attendees the opportunity to experience firsthand the scalable ways in which immersive content can reach a targeted audience.

“Ntropic has been working very closely with TACTIC in San Francisco for some time now and hosts events around technology there,” explains Tom Wright, managing director of Ntropic and co-founder, TACTIC. “New York is such a hotbed of content innovation it seemed like the right thing to do with that community. Between agencies, production companies, and people from worlds like real estate, technology, media and fashion it was a great turnout of like-minded creatives.”

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