John Schneider’s Louisiana studio: 58 acres, edit suites and more

Long before he ever stepped into Hazzard County or behind the wheel of the General Lee, John Schneider was a kid from Mount Kisco, New York, who was making movies with a Super 8 camera and cutting them the old-fashioned way — with razors and tape. And while he loved acting, starting in theater at the age of eight, the art of filmmaking was his real passion. I recently spoke to Schneider as he sat in an edit suite at his John Schneider Studios (JSS) in Louisiana, which is equidistant between the Baton Rouge and New Orleans airports. JSS offers 58 acres to shoot on, with such varied locations as a river, a lake, a swamp, a baseball field, an Olympic-size swimming pool and five acres of Southeast Asia-like bamboo forest.