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New version of Media Composer supports HDR

Avid’s latest version of its Avid Media Composer editing system offers support for high dynamic range (HDR) workflows, so users can now edit and grade projects using new color specs that display a greater dynamic range than standard video. The new version also features a more intuitive interface, making the tool more friendly to those editors who also work on Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

With what the company calls “better-organized tools,” the Media Composer’s tools and interface elements are now organized in a more logical order, enabling editors to work more efficiently and intuitively, regardless of system they have worked on before.

The new version of Media Composer also enables editors to work up to 64 audio tracks — 250 percent more than previously available — and delivers more power under the hood, allowing editors to work faster and focus on the creative.

The new version of Media Composer — which allows users to work in HD, 2K, 4K, 8K and HDR — is now available to purchase from the Avid Store and as a free download to current Media Composer customers with an active Upgrade and Support Plan or Subscription.

Here are some more details of the new version:
• Faster editing and better-organized tools – Users can access key tools and features faster thanks to several updates to menus and drop downs that make accessing tools more intuitive, productive, and fun. This delivers even greater efficiency, enabling editors to focus more time on their creative storytelling.
• Better visual feedback when editing – Users can edit with more precision thanks to high-visibility feedback displayed as they edit in the timeline.
• Ability to straighten images quickly with FrameFlex rotation – Users can rotate images a little or a lot by rotating the framing box in FrameFlex.
• Better performance – all played frames — and all effects applied to those clips — are now cached in RAM. This allows for a smoother, stutter-free edit when scrubbing or playing back a complex sequence multiple times.

Other enhancements include: full screen playback mode; sync Broadcast Wave audio files with video clips with subframe accuracy; add one or more custom columns to a bin easily through a contextual menu; copy and paste frame numbers in bin columns; find and filter effects faster and easier with the updated Effects palette; rename, edit and delete custom project presets with the Preset Manager; use Media Composer on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and Windows 10 computers; group master clips using audio waveform analysis; start a frame count at “1” instead of “0” (zero) for timecode burn-in segments; resize and configure the Audio Mixer for your project at hand; preserve field recorder metadata across multiple audio tracks when importing/linking

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