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Brian Pope opens post/VFX house Cognition in LA

The post and visual effects studio Cognition has opened in Los Angeles led by writer/producer Brian Pope. It features a management team that includes veteran colorist Dave Hollingsworth (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Adventures of Tintin) along with former Digital Domain VP/creative consultant Jeff Barnes.

Located near Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, Cognition currently offers high-resolution color grading and editorial finishing via SGO’s Mistika platform, as well as visual effects supervision and production.

The company is in the process of expanding the 3,000-square-foot facility they recently moved into. With completion expected by the fall, the facility will feature a pair of 4K digital cinema finishing theaters, a scalable visual effects pipeline, an emerging technologies research center and creative office space, all arrayed in a campus-like environment.

Cognition’s service offerings will encompass on-set and remote dailies, visual effects concept and design, on-set supervision, animation, graphics and deliverables. The company will also target photogrammetry, augmented reality and other new emerging fields as tools for previsualization, location scouting, visual effects production and other applications, helping to further blur the already diffuse lines between pre-, post and primary production.

The creative office space is earmarked for production companies, editorial operations and others who want to develop their projects in a collaborative, communal environment.

Says Pope, “Our business model positions production and what was traditionally called ‘post’ to be much more intimately — and interactively — linked, where producers and directors work in close proximity to the people producing the visual effects, color work and distribution packages. We believe the seamless integration of production with services such as color and VFX is not only a more organic way to fulfill the complex needs of today’s filmmakers, but will also serve to keep more work in Los Angeles and deliver a stronger, more innovative end product.”

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