NAB Season 2020

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Digital Nirvana recently introduced Trance 3.0 for automating transcriptions and captioning. Other post tools driven by AI include Media

James Knight fills us in on how AMD’s Threadripper 3 and Epyc speed up VFX, rendering and high-end post

The Studio-B&H has adapted to this new world by scaling up its bandwidth to offer technical support

Skywalker Sound and Cinnafilm have created an audio tools suite that includes automated loudness correction, stitching and retiming.

Dell EMC's Isilon is now offering 25GB on ethernet ports, Data IQ, advancements in persistent storage, workflow orchestration solutions

Maxon Cinema 4D R22 is now available as a subscription offering. The release goes wide in September, offering UV enhancements has updated its app to Version 3.6 and introduced a new tool that works on Mac and

When the show couldn't shoot in their studio anymore, the Seth Meyers team — including associate director/lead editor

Streambox offers virtual sessions with Streambox Cloud, solutions for remote color grading/VFX, sound and editorial, and the Chroma X

Audio Design Desk's new audio app, created by this musician/filmmaker, comes with over 20,000 free sounds embedded

Sonnet adds CFexpress/XQD to its SF3 series of media readers, introduced an HDX Edition Echo Express III expansion system


NetApp is creating data fabrics for M&E customers that span on-premises and cloud infrastructure by employing the

Digital Anarchy's Transcriptive 2.0, which works with Adobe Premiere, has been updated with some new features, has added

HPA president Seth Hallen fills us in on what the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) has been doing for its members

Jon talks about Signiant Jet that was launched at NAB last year and continues to expand through the industry. Improvements

Its new consultancy service, Puget Labs, will provide customers with detailed recommendations on the ideal workstation, configured to each user

Dell's solutions for remote work, including Teradici technology, allow pros to work securely from home, while accessing workstations in

Quantum's F1000 NVMe product is a lower-cost option for smaller animation and post houses. More StorNext products are

AJA covers new updates for post pros, including Desktop Software v.15.5.3, which brings new improvements to Kona

Lee discusses EditShare's new EFS 2020 file system, which includes realtime auditing, native drivers for workstations, management console, and

Telestream acquired Tektronix Video a year ago. Here they discuss the latest version of Prism, which monitors HDR signals (and

Mistika 10, a massive upgrade to Mistika Boutique and Mistika Ultima, offers a new color GUI, a complete overhaul of

Autodesk Flame 2021 offers new facial isolation tools via AI and ML. It also includes support for Dolby Vision HDR

Productions, Adobe's multi- or single-user collaborative workflow tool within its Premiere Pro editing app, is now available. Adobe

DigitalFilm Tree's previous experience working in the cloud has put them into position to meet the current need for

Katie Hinsen from Nice Shoes talks about her role as executive producer and Nice Shoes' move into visual effects. With

Xytech has introduced a new UX, mobility solutions and elastic SeaS options,  plus a new monthly rental model, including

Dalet's AmberFin continues to offer transcode and workflow automation features for post production facilities, alongside improvements to the