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NAB: MTI Film at NAB with new Cortex CarryOn, portable dailies solution

Las Vegas — At NAB, MTI Film is introducing Cortex CarryOn, its new, portable, all-in-one, on-set dailies solution. Capable of processing dailies at resolutions up to 4K from all of the most popular digital cinema cameras (including Arri, Sony, Canon and Red), Cortex CarryOn comes with MTI Film’s Cortex Dailies Enterprise Edition software on an optimized platform. It features a liquid-cooled Intel i7 processor for ultra-quiet operation, a 12TB SSD RAID, GPU-accelerated rendering and both Thunderbolt 2 and USB3.0 technology for fast transfers. It’s compact, lightweight and rugged, and features a price tag of $35,000.

Cortex CarryOn is backed by MTI Film’s worldwide service and support. “We designed Cortex CarryOn for producers and rental houses seeking a plug-and-play dailies appliance that is extremely portable, rugged enough to stand up to on-set use, and does it all with maximum efficiency and reliability,” says MTI Film product manager JD Vandenberghe. “Designed by users for users, Cortex CarryOn handles  dailies and media management tasks with ease and keeps pace with production demand, even when processing 4K.”

CORTEX CarryOn will be shown for the first time at NAB but a beta version of the system is already in use on the set of the USA Network series Longmire. “We have previewed the system to a number of producers, cinematographers, production technicians and others, and all have responded with great enthusiasm,” observes Vandenberghe, adding, “The system can benefit any  motion picture or television production seeking to streamline its workflow and improve reliability in dailies production.  In particular, our new feature, called the CORTEX Manifest, can be used to send metadata files from the set to post , maintaining metadata coherence, including color decisions and media file tracking information, from camera through final delivery.

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