Audionamix – 7.1.20

NAB: Fraunhofer Digital Cinema’s Siegfried Foessel and Ben Bross

Las Vegas — postPerspective’s first guests at NAB 2014 were Siegfried Foessel and Ben Bross from the non-profit Fraunhofer Digital Cinema, essentially a tech think tank targeting our industry.

Here are some highlights the two touched upon during our chat:
• High-profile customer announcing its packaging, playback and transcoding components for the Interoperable Master Format (IMF)
• Latest customer order for the easyDCP software suite
• Updates to its Low Complexity Codec for processing and transmission of high-resolution video
• Further advances for its light-field camera recording system, the most innovative system in the industry

• Latest broadcast solutions for HEVC, including the industry’s first realtime hardware encoder
• Workflow solutions for 2D to 3D mutliview conversion

To watch our interview with Siegfried, click here: 

To watch our interview with Ben, click here:

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